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Kydex sheaths for CS SRK


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Oct 12, 1998
I'd like to buy a kydex sheath for my Cold Steel SRK. I've found some at www.tacticalholsters.com, but am having trouble finding any others. I like the ones there and they seem highly recommended, but I was wondering if I had any other choices.
Thanks for any help

Give Blade Tech a try. I know for a fact that they are producing Kydex SRK sheaths.


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Unless I am mistaken, Bladetech is the company that makes the Kydex sheaths for all CS knives.
I sent my SRK to Newt Livesay for a kydex multicarry sheath & am currently awaiting delivery. He did a pretty nice job on my Kershaw amphibian, and the price was right for the SRK ($22 delivered I believe). He's also a very nice guy & willing to work w/ you for the design of the sheath.

Hey Walter, I have a kydex sheath from Blade-Tec for my SRK...definately top notch quality. The only problem is if they have them in stock, otherwise the wait is a few months. I'm currently having a Busse Steel Heart II kydex sheath/system ($35.00) being done by Edge Works. The prices are lower than Blade-Tec and the wait time is less, but I can't comment on a side by side comparison yet.

I'll admitt that I like Blade-Tec's quality, but you'll definatly end up waiting if it's not in stock.

Edge Works, for me, is top notch for customer service. They'll quote you a concrete price, design custom kydex sheaths for you and provide excellent input, and the turn around is better than most. I'm sending a Khukuri to them to have another sheath made.

As tough as kydex is, you'll definately be getting you money's worth. Good luck,

Look in the back of BLADE magazine in the classified ads. Go to "sheaths" find
SCOTT HENDRIX, he makes the best kydex sheaths on the planet (in my opinion). Uses a different method than the "heat shrink" method most use. His products and service are second to none, He has been in the Gun/Knife holster/sheath bussiness for longer than anyone i know. He was employed by the late Milt Sparks and worked directly for the late Mr. Sparks.

Any how, give him a call, he will send you some info. he has a quick turn around too.
Bob Dozier does kydex for knives other than his own. You can check out his site at http://www.kmg.org/bobdozier/index.html.

Don't have any personal experince with ordering from him but I saw some of his work at a knife show. He seemed to have a good handle on making the sheaths.
Doziers work is outstanding no doubt about. But I noticed the Kydex he uses (at least on the standard model with the webbing loop I own) is fairly thin compared to Mad Dog sheaths. That's why I would recommend Dozier sheaths more for smaller, lighter knives.

The best sheath system I found so far is made by Frank Sigman. Pricey, but excellent. He uses heavy duty webbing and lines it with thick Kydex custom molded to the knife. This makes for a very low noise sheath with many carying options. The back of the sheath has several loops so you can decide how high you want to carry the knife. In addition Frank can put a pouch on the sheath for a hone.

Too much for a SRK but perfect for a custom knife.
I received my sheath from Newt Livesay today - very nice. It is not a pretty sheath, mind you, but highly functional, 2.75" wide by 7.75" long, w/ removable kydex belt loop/chicago screws, and a series of .25" holes that begin ~ 3.5" from bottom of sheath ~ .25" apart and wrap around to the opposite side. w/ just about every other one a brass hollow rivet. There is also a 1.5" x .30 slot at the end of the sheath. Retention is excellent. All for $22 delivered. A very nice, working sheath w/ a lot of carry options & potential.

Newt Livesay can be contacted at: nlivesay@juno.com


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Thanks to everyone who replied to my post, you've given me good info. I've gone ahead and ordered a sheath from Edge -Works. If anyone is interested I can comment on it once I recieve it.

Thanks again,

Flotsam, (Sam)
Could you tell me how I could contact Newt Livesay? I like what you've said about him and would probably give him a try on another fixed blade knife I have.


I'm also interested in getting a kydex sheath for a kukri (once it arrivres). Is yours on order now? How did you end up designing it? Is there a possibility of getting pictures of it once it arrives? Thanks!

Try Frank Sigman, he has done lots of sheaths for lots of custom makers and is the best with kydex IMO. He can be reached at 828-396-1266. His company is EdgeGuard.

Blue Skies,