Kydex sheats. Where?

Oct 5, 1998
Hi guys & gals!!

I'm doing a project with Reese of a fixed hawk (actually it's going to be my first fixed blade...) anyways, I need to know where can I find somebody to do a kydex sheat, horizontal waist level, cheap.
I need to know + or - prices, turnaround, etc, etc...

Thanx in advance...

Joel Pirela
Graphic & Knife Designer
there are a few real good kydex guys

edgework (
Bob Dozier
Scott Hendryx
and Tactical Tools.

Good Luck.

My vote goes to edgeworks. Should run you about 30-40 dollars, with a few weeks delivery time
I just had a kydex neck sheath made for an old kershaw amphibian. After seeing the clean, basic design on my Wicked Knife Co. WOO, I asked Mr. Livesay if he could do one, slightly modified w/ slots for strapping to web gear/packs/etc. He quoted me an excellent price ($8 + 3 S&H), so I sent my knife, he made the sheath and although it took a while for it to be finished (~1 month), it was worth the wait. The sheath was exactly what I asked for, had excellent retention. There were a couple of little cosmetic glitches in the forming of the slots, but otherwise really nice.
The only problem was my design - I made it a little wider than I would like it. But, I guess I'll see if Mr. Livesay can make another one, w/ an extra slim/narrow profile
. I am currently having him make one for an old SRK - I'll post my review when I get it back.

I would like to have a kydex sheath made for my Amphibian, could you please forward me details about your new and improved design?