Kydex suppliers

Jun 12, 2001
I know this subject has been brought up here before, so I'll apologize in advance, but is there a good source/distributor of kydex out there anywhere. I currently get mine from Smoky Mountain Knife Works at $6.99 for a 12x12 sheet. There HAS to be a cheaper source somewhere. SMKW only gets my business cause I can drive there quickly.

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FUBAR- look for R. W. Clark's thread in this forum about a Kydex co-op. I think it's a great idea and hope it works out!
The last time I went looking for a lot of Kydex (cheap) I talked to one of the local distributors. He did not stock Kydex but told me ABS was the same thing. I thought he was full of it but he offered me a sample sheet of ABS to try. He didn't have anything near as thin as I was used to using but I gotta admit that it worked well and held it's shape.
Might want to try it.

Try Blade-Tech for Concealex. They offer patterns (carbon-fibre look, camo) that you cant get in Kydex. It works a bit different than Kydex (a little lower temp - I use 250, according to my oven) but performs the same, and looks cool.

Chris Hatin

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I saw in the last two AG Russell catalogs, pics of Boker knives with both red and green carbon fiber handles. This stuff is out there somewhere and there's a lot more than just black. Same thing is probably true of G10 and lots of other materials.

Why doesn't TKS or Koval do a buy from the distributors as R.W. Clark is trying to do and give us all a bigger range to choose from. I did the math and it's not worth it for one us to become a distributor but it would make sense for the big suppliers.

Peter Atwood

Guys, I worked for 8 years building displays for trade shows. Kydex if I recall correctly is pvc in a sheet form. I know thatI have used it in a lot of different colors and paterns. there are a several big industrial suppliers, the problem is that we are looking at 4x8 to 5x12 sheets with a 10 sheet min order. (thats a lot of knife handles) Try looking for a local suplier like Reed Pastic in Rockville Md. They may have some interesting scraps or be able to sell you part of a sheet.