May 8, 2001
Hi I have been bitten by the knifemaking bug, I need som help Building a kydexpress.
can you guys post some pictures or drawings and tips in building a press. It will be used to make sheats for my own knives and maybe for a scandinavinan knifebrand. So It will have to be sturdy!!

Any help appreciated!!


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My kydex press consists of a book and several pieces of closed cell foam (mats used for camping). Heat kydex in oven, place around knife put in book with foam surrounding knife, stand on book for 8 minutes while reading blade magazine

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I finally bought the foam that Blade-Tec sells and use my hydraulic press. Wow it works good! Bruce B

Get the foam from Blade-Tech - it is much better than the softer foam you buy in other suppliers - and have it cut in 1 inch-thick pieces and in have in one of the sides, so you will end up with 8 1x6x12 inch thick pieces, but you will need only two.
Glue a wood base on each of the two pieces, put it under your drill press and sandwich the hot kydex with them. Very easy and simple. Works for me.
Also, a tip on heating the kydex: use an halogen lamp (garden lamp). It is great to use and cheaper than a heat gun, besides heating the piece mor euniformly and slowly, aloowing you to know exactly when it is hot enough, even being not so hot to the touch. Though the heat gun will be usefull in details, you can surely get along without it, after some practice with the lamp.
If you decide to try this methods and need any more information, feel free to e-mail me.
Good luck!

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I looked on their web site and couldn't find the foam. Anyone know the stock number or have a link to the page?? Thanks!

Take care!! Michael

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L6, I couldn't find it on their website either. If you call them they will know what your talking about. I think it was about $12.00 for a piece about 12"x12"x4".
Just one tip I didn't see... If you use the blue camping pad foam, be careful not to get the kydex too hot. The foam will bond to it and you'll spend 30 minutes rubbing the stuff out of the textured side. I've been using the blue pads glued to a piece of plywood since I started and have no complaints. It's cheap and easy to find.

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Hey Toxic...

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"I started and have no complaints. It's cheap and easy to find."

Amen to that.

I press alot of knives and if I had to order specialized foam everytime, it would become Highly Expensive, time consuming and a regular pain in the a$$...

A 15 minute drive from me and there are a half a dozen stores that carry it. I usually buy 4-6 large pads that last me a couple of months. I also cycle my molds,so that I use the older molds for folders that don't need a new mold.

For you guys that are just puttzing around with molding synthetics I really don't see the need to buy expensive and possibly hard to get foams. I get by fine without it and it takes me about 10 minutes to prepare a new one,,so there is Very little down time involved.

Keep your molds small and rotate them often and you'll get Alot of miles out of a large blue foam sleeping pad..



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Hey Normark

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The phone number for Blade-tech is (253) 581-4347 You will need to call them and ask for the foam. They have all the hardware and concealex also. Their prices are good and your sheaths will look good when done. The foam does come too thick as was mentioned here already. Just cut it down to half size and save the extra for later. They told me that if you warm a white nylon cutting board in the oven with the concealex (or kydex) and put the cutting board between the foams when finished forming, the heated nylon will draw the foam back to straight condition. I havent had a chance to try it yet but sounds like it would work. Bruce B
One last note about Blade-Tech: Their service is excellent and you can get most everything you will need to make your sheaths there. From my experience, I can only vouch for them.

Ivan Campos
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