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Kyocera, yea or nay?

Aug 11, 1999
Plan to purchase some kitchen knives and would appreciate any feedback. How do the Kyocera ceramics compare viz the higher end steel knives (incl. any reasonably-priced handmades)? Is the ceramic overly fragile? or more/less effective in particular sizes?

Also, David Boye's kitchen line is *really* pricey, but does anyone have experience w/these?

I'm pretty new to the forum, so apologies if these Q's have been addressed before. (Is there a search engine I'm overlooking?) Thanks --

Unfortunately the search function is MIA right now, but if you have the desire you can look through the archives by changing the 'display topics from' box at the top of the page.
Kyocera knives are great, as far as ceramic goes. Steel and ceramic are two COMPLETELY diferent materials, but:
Kyocera kitchen knives stay REALLY SHARP for a REALLY long time. I've used mine daily for @ two years and have only had to sharpen them once. The down side to this is that they are REALLY hard to sharpen. They will literally carve into an Arkansas soft stone, I use diamond hones on mine.
Steel is stronger than ceramic, but ceramic will NEVER rust, no matter how little care you give them.
I've abused mine pretty good, and they haven't broken yet. As a test I took a cheaper one
and threw it point first into an oak cutting board, it stuck, and the point was intact after I carefully wiggled it out. I would not recommend trying to pry one out sideways- or trying to use one for anything other than cutting!
As a good low maintenance kitchen knife, I highly recommend Kyocera, but remember it IS just a kitchen knife, not a jungle fighter.


"Vitaeius Agon Causa"
I love my Kyocera paring knife[thanks James], hold an edge great,...just don't pry with it.

I would recommend it wholeheartedly,

Stay Sharp!
Will Fennell
Camillus Cutlery

Thanks for the feedback, esp the caveats re: boning, prying, and such. Just looking for a good slicer, not chopper --