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(Made it all the way back to Page #4 before needing a Bump) Read the Stickies IF you are New to the Forum and Want to Post.

- WE don't discuss Modifications or post Pics of Non-RHK Mods, Accessories, Etc.
Glad you like your knives (Enjoy) Please feel free to be part of the Forum.
Don't advertise "others" Services, parts or products HERE. It's simply bad form.
Made it back to Page #5 before a bring back. Lots of new capacity brings new Members. PLEASE READ the Stickies. Lots of good info but just as important info on what "Flys" here on the RHK forum.
RHK is a Great Brand represented by Great hardworking folks..... this particular Forum Upholds that reputation.

Have Fun.

Nonsense? There are other Forums for that. :)
Been collecting Hinderers for over 3 years and still reference the stickies regular. Wealth of information.