L6steel a Cooper Knife


Oct 3, 1998
First of all let me say I am not a LEO nor am I in the military, so for some I may not be qualified to make this review. I am just a average fella who likes and uses knives so here we go. I received a drop point hunter from L6steel, and over all I like it a great deal. Over all length 9 1/4" blade 1095 4 1/2" long, 1 3/8" wide, 3/16 thick. Shallow hollow grind, and very nicely polished finnish. Handle wood 4 3/4" long, 1 1/4" at widest point, 3/4" at thickest. Also very nicely finished with 3 pins no gaps anyplace, cannot even feel the pins.
I have had this knife for over 2 months now and really have found it very useful. It really seems bigger than it is.The blade hardened to RC 90 holds its edge better than I thought it would, and resharpens very easily. Mike put a very sharp and polished edge on it and I have resharpened it once to a caurser edge and both held up very well. Better than my factory ATS 34 blades. I have told Mike I think he should grind these 1095 blades a little thinner. For me a knife this size would not need so much steel at the edge, but I do like the thicker tip he has on this one. This knife really cuts good, and feels really nice wile useing it. I have not found any hot spots or any uncomfortable points with this knife. The balance and feel are very nice. The only 2 things I would change are very miner, grind the blade a little thinner, and don't polish the edge so much. I personally like a causer edge.
Mike is a great guy to deal with he as even told me to send the knife back if I wanted it resharpened or finiched. I have been very happy with this knife and have found it works very well as a all perpose knife. Mike well done and thanks.
Ooops forgot this check out Mike's web page his knives are as good as they look. http://www.nebsnow.com/L6steel

Correction the RC is 59 and not 90

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Hey!!! cool...2 L6 reviews in the same day
Gladt to see you like yours afetr getting a chance to use it for a while. Mine just arrived today, so all I have done so far is snap a quick pic and fondle it all afternoon
Just holding it, I think its gonna be very comfy and enjoyable to use. Great stuff!!

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Rockwell 90! Geewizz! Thats hard! You must have meant 60, cause at 90, you wouldnt be doing any sharpening on that knife. But, I am a big fan of L6 steel, and have several knives make of it.

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Good eye Dan glad someone is reading my review. The RC is 59 and not 90. How did I screw that up?
Thanks for the fine review Bill! Man, I wish I could make a knife with a rockwell hardness of 90.
Take care!! Michael

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Rich yep it is a real joy to use. I put in a sprinkler system and used it to cut all the black poly pipe and it worked great. Even trimming the pipe after it was dirty didn't affect the edge, it stayed sharp and was very comfortable useing it all day. Mike you don't need to make a knife in the RC 90
, I am very happy with this one. I have put this system in a few times before and it is very hard on the edges of the factory folders I used previously. Great knife Mike.