Jan 19, 1999
I was just setting here reading all the post
and I got thinking (yes I know this is not
good for me) but I would to know if it is
just us he men lurking here? are there ladies out there
to, who collect knives?
It's kind of hard to tell over the web. But after awhile you figure out what sex it is.
It really doesn't matter anyway. We all LOVE knives.
However, some of the ladies around here (one in particular), really send me.

me too, but please dont tell anyone sweetie,
it will be our lil secret

Unless your the lead dog,The scenery never changes!!!
Greggette Lane (shhhh)
Peddler,of fine Goods

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I believe Lizabelle when she says that.

Hi Belle of the Bladeforums.
Lady? I'm kinda partial to Madonna ( and I don't mean that hack singer
Oh yeah, I'm doing that student thing too. It's in the profile and homepage.

DC, what have done to deserve this pleasant visit? Are you the person w/ the jeep who almost got into an incident but you and you friend were equipped with tools for such a situation?
Not me, I have a Dodge pick-up. I do have tools at all times and even do most of the work on it myself
Thanks DC, I saw the page. I am beyond impressed.

Dodge, hmm. I went to a car show Thanksgiving Day w/ my girl, Swan. I did the SOF jump in the back thing. She needed help getting in driver seat and she's 5'7".
There's just something about a lady who appreciates and knows about knives.

They all have my admiration!

Any of you ladies make knives? - now there's my idea of someone to take note of. I've seen several in the seller side of things, but don't remember any makers. I'll bet there are some lurking out there.
Well, there ya went and did it. For the most part women do have trouble with all those acronyms you boys speak in...."SOF"?

Mine is an '89 RAM 250....a nice gas-guzzling all-American V-8, big beast. I'm 5'7 and there is no problem.
Bob, there are actually several very accomplished women makers out there. The only one that comes readily to mind is Diana Casteel who along with her husband Doug usually attend the Timonium show. Most of the woman makers I've met got into because of their husband or boy friend. Some may just do embellishments like engraving or scriming but Diana makes her own knives from her own designs.


who dares, wins

DC, SOF is Spec. Ops Force aka the show w/ GM trucks, HK, Glock, Sig guns, Emerson and MD Knives.

Speaking of lady knifemakers, Laurie Savage, I believe has some rather interesting advertising in Knives '99. I kinda wish she had a page though I can't use a small axe.