Ladybug--a neat little knife!

Jan 20, 1999
I bought my girlfriend a CF Ladybug and it arrived this morning. I knew what it was so I took her the box unopened so she could have the fun of opening her first knife box. We were both shocked by the size of the thing and its weight (think less than a pencil.) The Carbon fiber is beautiful! I'd never seen real CF, just the crappy stick-on fake film stuff people put on dashboards. Neat.
The lockup was amazing. Now, granted, my carry is a BM Ascent, so I understand that Zytel is not going to lock up like a vault, but that little sucker has NO play of any kind. Even Melissa could tell the difference. It's like a small fixed blade when open. She asked if it was sharp, so I took it and ran it along my forearm, on the inside where the hair is softer. Good thing I have light hair on the arms because there's a swath an inch wide running the length of my forearm, smooth as a baby's butt. She has since used it some on paper and loves it. Just a beautiful little knife. We have only three complaints:
1. The size. This is my fault, I knew the dimensions and didn't make the connection.
2. Can't open it one-handed. This is just a tradeoff for the small size.
3. No clip. No big deal since this isn't a defensive piece but it's nice when your letter open/box cutter is handy.

Basically, I figure these can be remedied by purchasing larger, clip-equipped Spydercos. In the meantime I offered to carry it as a cutter and get her a one-hander and she nearly took my hand off snatching it back. You think there's a message there?

I know they're all gone, so maybe I shouldn't bother with a review, but I wanted to congratulate Bladeforums and Spyderco on this beautiful little knife. Not a $30 piece by a long shot.

The first time I held a Ladybug, I was also amazed at how such a small knife could be so tight and so sharp. I recently got a blue one in and my wife claimed it immediately.
These are "Bad A**" little knives.And if you keep on trying you will see that you actually can open it with one hand.
Have fun.
The Ladybug is a nice little knife and I think it's great that we got these great deals from the forum and Spyderco. I have often said that they should call this knife "The Ripper",.....the thing can cut very well.


Guys, I think we still have access to some, though I'm getting conflicting reports from Spyderco.

When we started the special we had access to about 411 or so. I think we knocked that down to the low 300's, so there should still be plenty.

If you want to get more, be my guest. Look at it from this point of view: You're getting Carbon Fiber for the cost of a plain Zytel one.

Oh ya, I think we can still get a few serrated DragonFly's, though we completed depleted their inventory of plain edged models.

If their's interest, I'll call again tomorrow. If you want to order, go to


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