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Discussion in 'American Tomahawk Company' started by Andy Prisco, Sep 10, 2004.

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  1. Andy Prisco

    Andy Prisco

    Nov 2, 1999
    This will be a regularly updated "sticky" thread with FAQ's about the LaGana VTAC. This particular thread will be closed, as it is for informational purposes only. Additional questions can be asked by creating a new thread or by e-mailing us directly.

    1) Is the LaGana VTAC slightly smaller than the older Vietnam Tactical Tomahawk and Original Vietnam Tomahawk?

    Yes...we have reduced the overall size of the Tomahawk approximately 3%...about 1/4 inch in handle length and 1/4 inch in head length. The cutting edge length is the same. This provided noticiable weight reduction of several ounces. When the size change was bundled with our new, stronger and lighter handle material, the LaGana VTAC was reduced to nearly 16 oz. in overall weight.

    2) Why is the cutting bevel wider than the older versions? It doesn't seem "sharp".

    This iteration of Mr. LaGana's design has to endure the most extreme abuse in urban environments. It is extremely sharp for its included angle. However, if your definition of "sharp" is "shaving", then you would be right. The LaGana VTAC is designated by Army Procurement as breach and rescue kit. A shaving sharp edge would be deformed within the first few minutes of use under those applications, no matter what "wonder steel" or heat treat protocol. The bevel is ground as a "working edge" and wider than before to resist deformation against locks, hasps, tempered glass, steel belted radials, concrete, armor, hard earth...the list goes on. However, the edge can still cut webbing, wood, and fibrous material very well. It is no less effective in close combat...believe us when we tell you that NOBODY wants to be on the receiving end of the new LaGana VTAC.

    3) Will American Tomahawk make my LaGana VTAC "shaving sharp"?

    We would like to think that most customers would have a folding or fixed blade knife for chores requiring a shaving sharp edge. However, if you must have your LaGana VTAC that way, then the answer is YES. However, you must send your Tomahawk to us after purchase. Include the return shipping charges and we will re-grind the bevel free of charge. The hair will race off your arm when you get it back.

    4) My Vietnam Tactical Tomahawk has the older, machined Acetal handle. Can I send it in for an upgrade to the new LaGana VTAC nylon handle?

    Unfortunately, no. The eye dimensions for the new nylon handle were changed to result in greater pre-load and better retention. As a result, the stem of the nylon handle would not fit correctly in your particular Tomahawk head, as the handle stems are very different.

    5) My LaGana VTAC has scale and pits in the head...is this normal?

    Yes. Our steel is drop forged in an open environment. Air periodically enters the die set and results in some cosmetic imperfections on the surface of the Tomahawk head. Every VTAC head goes through an agressive descaling operation before heat treat and finishing. Sometimes, scale and pits remain after that operation. If we included an additional surface grinding operation to the process, we would need to charge more for the product. If you absolutely can't live with the appearance, call us and we'll try to make the situation right for you.
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