Laguiole Knives? I'm Confused!


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Oct 15, 1998
I know that there are tons of companies making "Laguiole" knives. Some are inexpensive, some are not. Some appear to be high quality on the web site pix, some don't.
Do any of you own any of these knives or corkscrews? I'd like to buy a nice one with just blade and corkscrew. Most appear to have the bee and some sort of spring bar file-work, but it really seems that quality of the various brands is all over the map.
Which brands should I stay away from?
Which brands should I look at?
I own a Rossignol I bought several years ago from a Boker catalogue. It's a very nice piece with a buffalo horn handle. I'm not too familiar with the other brands, but another high quality brand is Florinox.

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Some of my favorites

As I understand it the term Laguiole knife represents a style (specifically a style made in a region of France). There are several factorys and small cutlery firms that produce them so the quality varies.

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