Lansky Sharpener

Apr 20, 1999
I just went out and bought the Lansky deluxe sharpener. I would have to say that overall I was disappointed. All of my knives needed an angle greater than 30, except 2 which were too thick for the stone to reach the edge. On the others if I had wanted to rebevel the edge to 30 or less, it would have scratched the hell out of my knives. I do have to say that those 5 stones are worth the money though, they make great handstones. So that is what i will use them for. I just wish that the angle guide had worked out better because my hand cramps up form having to hold the angle by hand
I'm curious, Striker. Which knives gave you problems? I've had to position the clamp differently for various width knives and reposition it along the blade for very long knives, but the system works for just about everything I own.

Just a thought, but if you need greater than a 30 degree angle, you might want to try positioning the rod below the plane of the stone.

I agree with Brian. I find the Lansky system an excellent sharpening system. What knives were you trying to touch up?


Both knives were very fat through the middle. One was an M-7 bayonet and the other was a CS true flight thrower.
I have a Lansky and love it. I've sharpened my KaBar with it a few times and had no problems, except that it took a while because it was totally dull when I started. It's great for smaller pocket knives, too.