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Lansky : to Oil or Not to Oil

I tried it with no oil, and with oil... didn't notice much difference. So I'd vote no oil. Never tried water.

But once you use oil, you pretty much have to keep using it, to keep the stone from clogging.

I just got one and it seems that using oil on the finer stones keeps them clear of filings.
I used oil for years. Due to an artical I read a few years ago, I switched to soapy water for roughing and dry for finish work. I think it works much better.

Leon Pugh
no oil.

I dont know why the hell people use oil on their stones. I guess it's some old unquestioned "well my grandpappy told me to use oil" tradition. Oil is messy, doesn't really 'float' any metal or anything away, and the sludge that oil produces abrades the edge, thus counterproductive.
Just got the super saphire stone yesterday -- I've got really sharp blades now.:)
I changed from oil to water on my carborundum and Arkansas stones. If a stone is soaked in soapy water for a few days, it seems to remove enough of the oil from the stone to make it work with water. There's no problem with clogging.