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Lansky vs GATCO

Mar 25, 2001
Any opinions on which of these sharpening kits you like and if so why?. Also are there any other sharpening kits out there that are worth looking into, without going bankrupt that is.
Hi Alex & welcome to BFC!!!
I had myself convinced (about 8 mos. ago) to finally give up my old Arkansas stones in favor of either the Lansky or Gatco system.
But then I discovered BFC and a world of information. Since then I have set my sights on either one of these two companies, favoring the first.

So then, to add to the confusion, I bought "The Razor Edge Book of Sharpening" by John Juranitch. *Note-The second link above is for the company that was created as a result of all the years of work and research that Mr.Juranitch had performed. I'm currently only about 1/4 the way through it now and I've told myself to not purchase anything related to sharpening until I have read and absorbed all that this book has to offer.

Also, that other site, you know the one....KFC
, has a sharpening forum (I forget the actual name) and I've gone there several times to research these items and techniques.
One item that I found a link there for is this:
I really like this hone system as compared to the regular hanging style of strop.

Good Luck with your search.

--The Raptor--

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Forget those "clamp-on" kits. They are a pain in the ass.

Invest in a Spyderco Sharpmaker 204.

Dann Fassnacht
Aberdeen, WA
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I have a Gatco, and I'm quite happy with it. I haven't tried the Lansky, so I can't compare the two.

I had gone to a small knife show where a rep from Gatco was, and I handed him my Cold Steel Tanto that had lost its point. While talking to me, he demonstrated the kit, starting with a coarse hone to restore a point, and working his way up to a fine hone. When he handed my knife back to me, it was razor sharp. -But the amazing part is that I went home, picked up my dull benchmade, and brought it back to razor sharpness (using the fine hone only) on my first try!

I have a Lansky kit for sale at a good price. Check it out <a href="http://www.bladeforums.com/cgi/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic&f=7&t=015152">here</a>.

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Forget all that crap! Get the stones and clamps from the company that makes the book you are reading.
I have used both...I started with the lansky, it does an excellent job.
The Gatco is a step up from there. I have the diamond sharpener model and the thing I like better over the Lansky is the sharpener or stone size .It's nearly 50% larger and thus it cuts faster. I still use the extra fine lansky stone with the Gatco when I want to polish the new edge.
If you are interested in a clamp system, do 2 things: check out www.skarb.com and go to the search section of bladeforums and look up Joe Talmadges test of the skarb in the knife test forum. When first released, our unit was slightly more expensive than the delux versions of our competitors, but they are catching up in price. Since Joe's test our units have been spiffed up in appearance and are now nicely sand blasted.