Lansky vs. Gatco

May 11, 1999
I just received a Gatco sharpening kit which is an obvious tribute to Lansky's rig, however
the Gatco seems to have several advantages over the Lansky which I wondered if anyone had any comments about:
1. there are more angles to choose from.
2. the hones are wider (more blade coverage and easier to hold) and have telescopic rods that are built into the end of the hones.
3. the storage box is of slightly better construction.

On the down side the front thumb screw is too small (for my hands anyway) to grip easily and the blade clamp doesn't have a hole in it to use it on a Lansky table clamp. Q: Has anyone tried to drill a hole in the Gatco clamp so that it can be used on the ingenious Lansky flip-over table clamp?

Now the Lansky pros/cons:
1.the all-aluminum clamp seems built to last a lifetime. I'm a little worried about the plastic parts used in the Gatco clamp.
2. obviously, the way the clamp can be flipped over so easily on their table stand is a real bonus.
3. the rig is smaller and therefore better suited to field use.

I'm eager for your replies.

Jason F.

There was a thread not to long ago on knife sharpening. As it had alot of interesting points, you should do a search to find it.

I myself have used the Gatco system for more than a year and find it to be an excellent product.
You missed one thing with the Lansky that I really like. The rods on the hones can be moved up and down this changes the angles just a little, like a degree or two.
Jason: I have been using the Gatco kit now for about 3 years at least, & let me tell you, I really put it to some hard use. I am a meat cutter & knife maker. The kit sharpens my work knives as well as knives I make, so it is in constant use...I always use the 19 Deg. slot, & only now is it beginning to wear to the point that I am getting concerned about angle accuracy. The plastic (I suspect that it may be a Nylon material) clamp wears surprisingly well. I recently tried a Lansky kit for the first time. I really tried hard to like it, but just couldn't. Didn't like the clamp, box or rod set-up & after almost cutting myself twice due to the narrow stones, I gave it away & was glad to see it go. My only complaint with Gatco is the availability of replacement stones (at least where I live). Thats my opinion for what it's worth...Take care.

Happy Knifemaking...
thanks for the views folks.
i used my new Gatco rig last night after posting my question and found it alot nicer than the lansky due to the wider, easier to grab hones etc.
i still wish i could mount it on something like lansky's table clamp- any thoughts?

jason F.