Large carbon steel lockblade ?

Aug 12, 1999
I've gotten kind of stuck on carbon steel knives lately. I tried to break the habit with a Buck 110 in BG42 but they're evidently not available anymore, so it's back to carbon steel. I've been trying find a larger folding lockblade in carbon steel, say Buck 110 size and larger, but even the Old Timers seem to be stainless. A 'tactical' folder would be ok provided it has a plain edge and doesn't look too goofy. Anyone know of any ?

I've not considered knives like the Opinals (?) as even though the blades can be locked the mechanism doesn't sound as robust as others. Anyone familiar with these ?
Benchmade has models available in M2 steel as well as in ATS-34 (Stainless). The M2 blades are coated for corrosion resistance.

I thought quite a few of the Old Timer knives still used carbon steel?
I have a carbon steel Old Timer called the Mustang. I don't like the lock. The knife is like a regular slip joint, but with a brass liner added as a safety. The knife is large, however.
I've also heard that Ka-Bar has come out with some D-2 tool steel folders. These are one-handers that feature a thumb disk.
The Mustang is a great knife for the money.
I had one but replaced it with the Uncle Henry version because it was stainless and the Mustang was carbon steel.
Carried the UH for years before I was seduced by the "tactical" craze.
Now that is wearing off, I am, sometimes, carrying it again.
The lock does have a certain mount of play but the slipjoint mechanism makes up for it.

BTW, the Mustang recently went on safari to South Africa and appears to have acquitted itsself well. The owner loves it.

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I keeping hoping someone will put out a high quality carbon steel lockback... I generally carry a CS Voyager in AUS 8 (which is OK, an excellent compromise) but would like to have the edge-holding of Carbon V like in CS's Twistmaster, which is great but a bit bulky and difficult to open one-handed. I know there are a number of superb custom makers out there who could make one up, but they're generally out of my price range.
Opinels are nearly impossible to open one-handed, but don't worry about lock strength. The lock is made of what looks like a fairly weak steel band but the design makes up for it--one of the most solid knives I've ever owned, and pretty too IMHO. The only thing I ever did that hurt mine was drop it in the lake--and that's only because I had to leave it there. Also, it was the sharpest knife I owned back then. Not up to Spyderco standards, but at least as good as Cold Steel out of the box.

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You can still get a 110 with BG42.
Go to Buck knives forum and look for the thread on Pete's custom shoppe-pretest.

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Eye Brand makes a sodbuster lockback in carbon steel. It takes and holds a good edge. I carried on for years with a 'Flicket" on it to make it a one hander. TopofTexas carries them.
The M2 Benchmade is more than I want to pay for a folder, as are Dozier's D2 folders. The Buck 110 Master Series that I saw an ad for was listed at $60, which seemed like a good deal, while the Buck custom shop wants almost $90 for one with just a BG42 blade, which for me is getting out of the good deal range. The Kabar D2 is in the same range but some seem to be showing up for less now and are starting to get kind of attractive.

The fact that some in this thread and in another note that the Opinel is very strong makes it attractive, especially for the price. The CS Twistmasters are also interesting but it seems worth trying the Opinel first as the CS are a fair amount more. The only catalog that I found that listed the Schrade Mustang noted that it was discontinued. Another good tip was the Eye Brand locking Sodbuster, 4 3/4 inches closed, forged blade, and for a bit more than $40 in the Top of Texas catalog.

I agree with another poster, it'd be nice to see a few more traditional offerings in large lockblades with carbon steel. Even in tactical blades; the only thing more scary than a bigger blade is a rusty bigger blade :^) Anyway thanks for the replies so far, and I hope that there is yet more out there.