Large Gunsite for everyday carry?

Sep 12, 2000
Does anyone do that?

I'm wondering if this knife is TOO big ?
Anyone, has ever done the torture test to this knife?

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I don't have a Gunsite, but I do have two regular 5 inch Voyagers--a clip point and a tanto. I find that they fit very well in my hip pocket.

Tourture test! I considerably weakened the lock on the Tanto Voyager after using it as a machete through two deer seasons. However, its big and sharp enough to easily cit through 1/2 & 3/4 inch branches with no problem.

I'm happy to hear that the Voyagers with the 5 inch blade aren't all that difficult to carry, as I have a 5 inch Gunsite Folder "on the way" that I plan on using as my new "defensive/offensive carry folder".

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I also have a 5 inch tanto voyager that I carry from time to time. No problem in jeans,flops around a little if I clip it to my gym shorts.
Never had any problem carrying my CS 5 inchers, a clip pt. and a couple of Gunsite folders (actually one now belongs to glockman99). I've carried them inside the waistband, and in the hip & front pocket. If you wear those painter pants or shorts, there's a skinny little pocket on the right thigh where one will fit perfectly. Lots of scary folder without the weight of say, a REKAT Sifu.

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Thanks. . .

Actually I've been carried it for few months already.
I love its look. Really beautiful to me. Its weight and balance also superb. Good price.

Only problem, to me, so far is that it's quite troblesome to "circle" the blade open at the begining, considering my small hand (no problem with 4" voyager) probably because the thumb stud is quite far from the pivot pin.
But finally I get used to it.

The intimidation factor of this knife is really hard to beat!