Larger Grip Area: Ultimate Hunter, Bush Ranger, SR1

Nov 19, 2006
I've tried to love my hollow ground AD10 but every time I pick it up my fingers are mashed together. Thought about grinding down the rise at the back end a bit ...... or just selling it. While I contemplate that whole debacle :rolleyes: I've tried to figure what has the longer handle. UH, BR, or the SR1? I've watched so many videos and only found one where the seller had the UH and the BR side by side. It looked like the UH had a slightly longer grip area but unsure. Can anyone tell me which has the longest handle or grip area of the three? Thank you.

PS..I've guestimated actual grip area on each knife going by their pix on the CS site. This is what I came up with:
Bush Ranger: 4-3/16"
Ultimate Hunter: 4-3/8"
SR1: 4-9/16"

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Apr 26, 2009
The Bush Ranger grip is too small for me. The UH grip is fine, as is the SR1 grip. The UH is much lighter than the SR1, and plenty strong for heavy work.


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Oct 11, 2013
Honestly, if the AD10 is too small for you, I don't know that the Ultimate Hunter will be any better.

I own all four knives you mention, and the SR1 is larger all around. That said, your hands must be even bigger than mine, because the AD10 fits my XL gloves-sized hand perfectly, as though it was made for it.

If you need bigger, out of the three, I would recommend the SR1. There's still handle protruding from the bottom of my hand when gripping it. The Ultimate Hunter could also work for you, since it doesn't quite have that "hook" that locks your hand into place, so you should find that knife comfortable as well. I would recommend passing on the Bush Ranger. They are very nice knives, but the handle shape lacks any real feature for locking it into your hand, and when I hold mine, it always feels like it would squirt out of my hand if my hand were wet and I was gripping the knife hard. If I get some time, I'll post up a pic of all four knives to give you an immediate visual of them for comparison.