Laser Engraver?

Mar 3, 2001
Long time no see! :D
I have a question. I hear everyone building etchers for their knives. My buddy owns a big sporting goods store in a mall and he has a tall dollar computer laser engraver for making plaques and such. Would that work? That thing will do anything he wants. As fancy as you can design, but I just have never heard of anyone using one on knives. Maybe not enough juice to do steel?
I still have not got a 2x72. I just about ordered a Grizzly today but I just can not force myself to spend that much money on something made in China that needs modified out of the box. I sure wish I could talk Mr. Frink into taking payments on my Visa! :eek: Anyone have a used Coote or KMG they would sell?
Knock of the beer, cigarettes and junk food and talk to Rob. Don't waste your money..
I don't drink (Not very often anyway, maybe once every two or three months) I inject my own smokes, it costs me about $5 for a carton of cigs instead of $30+ and I have three deer in the freezer now so I don't have to buy much meat for a while. The only time me and the wife go out to eat it is at the chinese buffet joint and that is cheap, $5 a throw and that isn't very often. I don't buy instant or state lottery tickets.
I looked at my old posts, it was over a year ago that I posted that I almost ordered a Grizzly and backed out. If I would have bought the d@mn thing then I might be good enough by now to sell a few knives and buy a real grinder! :( This money is burning a hole in my pocket, which really sucks. I am fighting myself trying to not buy the hunting stuff I need like warm boots and good insulated underwear. I only have about $350 free right now which is less than I can buy a coote for. I want a KMG. Even if I do get a coote, and I know they are awesome, I will still be wishing I got the KMG. :(
I had a coote,they were Ok,I also had a grizzley.I now own a KMG
I learnd fast that,a good machine will pay for itself,Start off on the right foot and it will make knife makeing alot more enjoying
Do it right the first time,I learned the hard way.Drop Rob an email
he may work somthing out for you
I don't wan't to lead anyone astray here, but maybe you could talk to your credit card holder(s), negotiate a good rate, and CHARGE IT!?!?!?;) :D :eek:
Hell, go for broke. Be poor, like the rest of us. :eek: ;)
Ahhh, if it was only that easy. :rolleyes: It is a visa debit card. I don't do credit cards or I would have one and all kinds of neat things. I turn down credit cards all the time. Their interest rates are just criminal. With out them I keep bills in check much better and do not get in over my head. I am responsible enough to have them, I just resist the urge. One less bill to pay if I don't have them. But, it is a thought. I got to do something. I have a potential business if I had one. Custom made diggers for metal detecting. I have dealers that will sell them if I do. I have made a few on my 6x48 and they have them for their personal use and want me to make more to sell. It just takes more time on a 6x48 than it is worth.