Last Call for BF dinner at the Shot Show

Gus Kalanzis

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Oct 4, 1998
We have 13 makers and collectors comming to a dinner at 6:30 Monday Feb 1. Any more takers? I need to confirm the number of people tomorrow. It is a big show and reservations in the area will be tough later on this month. Most of the takers are from TKC.
Hummm. Think I might be invited? If so count me in. Where is the dinner?

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Mike Turber
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If I can make it to SHOT, count me in as well, Gus, though I don't think I'll be able to bring Raech and the critters this time.


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Gregg Lane
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Spark, I talked to Raech - no problem at all.
This is looking up to be a great get-together. Sorry all of us can not do it. At the Blade Show we may be able to take over a whole suburb. Greg - I'll see what I can do, but it might be a little rank by the time it gets to you. (We know you will be there in spirit and we will miss you.) At least some of us will


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what do you mean " At least some of us will "
you mean to tell me i'm not loved by all,

who did i piss off this time

Gregg Lane
unemployed salesman,
any work done.

Never heard anyone say anything, but good things about you, but did not want to say that in case all of us are completely deluded. We ARE going to do this agian at the BLADE SHOW and I sincerely hope you will make it. If not this year, I might have one or two more years left in me so it will happen one day.

I can't make it to the SHOT Show but a good friend of mine will be there. His name is Richard Folsland and he'll be manning the Black Hills Shooting Supply booth. If you get a chance stop by and say hello.


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