Last one for 2006

Jul 8, 2001
I finished up this one on Monday, its suppose to be a late Christmas gift to be given out this Saturday. I was a bit worried about having it finished in time, but unless the united postal service loses it, it should be there today. Now its time to get going on a 2007..

OAL- 14 3/4"" blade length 9 1/2"
Sam Mai with a 52100 core, damascus is 320 layers with nickel added, hardware is all matching damascus with a Stabilized ossic handle.

Thanks to all for a great 2006.



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Nice Job BB. Really like the shape.:thumbup: :cool: :D
But, I don't know about you and penis bones????:eek: :confused: ;)
Bill, I think its fine just the way it is. Like you need my opinion. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with this year! BTW Great looking Knife!
Nice knife. If a pretty girl grabs it ,will it grow into a machette?
Thanks for the comments everyone, they are very much appreciated.

IG. your mental ability never ceases to amaze me, I can only imagine what you visualize when you look at a ossic handled knife, scary. :D :D :D :D