Later Greg, thanks for all

Mar 19, 1999
Greg, thanks bro, looks like about every 8 years or so you wander back in from the cold to a live (or in the case of FK nearly live :D) show and tell exchange and unfortunately your sense of practicality doesn't fly here with a few folks, just like in the bad old days of the glossy paper, and the exposure of a willing virgin hoping like hell you'd sacrifice him, if only to use another knife I had never seen )that JSP double kwaiken or Hammond Flesh-eater?)

Your bitingly insightful questions really help clarify the muddy waters around me and I will miss things like the Whaddya do Jack conversations.

I've been keeping out of this discussion (the 4 or 7 WTF is with S912 threads) but I guess the house rules are a bigger concern than avoiding semantics and making forward progress. You, Bagwell and McClung...:) Never fails, the nail that sticks up gets the most grief.

Check six brother, most of us will be here if/ when you want to get back in.
Jan 27, 1999
What he said. Still confused as to the details surrounding the departure, but wtf- it ain't my beef so I'll stay the hell out of it. Good Luck Greg, look in on us from time to time.
First C.C. then G.W.- who wants to step into the crosshairs next?
Best Regards,