Latest Blade Magazine RKS4 Color Photo

Aug 9, 2000
If you would like to see a great color picture of the RKS4, Randall Knife Society club knives, the latest Blade magazine (March Issue 2001) has that for you. See page 154. A big thank you to the Blade staff and especially to Steve Shackleford for the article and Joe Kertzman and Steve McCowen for the color photo. Also a special thank you to Missy Beyer for the ad copy on page 129 of the same issue. The Blade magazine continues to be the greatest of supporters for the Randall Knife Society. ///// Rhett Stidham

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Sep 21, 1999
Since there's hardly any talk of knives here, I'm moving this to the General Blade Discionism Forum.... also, I'll move it to The Randall Forum, if it exists.

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