Latest Centauri Prime

Oct 7, 2001
I've been out of commission with my back for a while and haven't posted here for a good while. I hobbled around and got one finnished to show you folks.

Heat-treated, Mirror Polished 416 SS Frame
5/32" ATS-34 Taper Hollow Ground Blade
Nice Abalone Inlays
5" Closed, 8 3/4" Open
Weight 7 3/4oz. (217.2 grams)




Thanks for looking. Comments are welcomed.

Could somebody tell me what I did wrong or if I'm not allowed to post pics anymore. Has the proceedure changed? I went back and checked my post twice and I can't find anything wrong with it. :confused:

I'd say its a Fototime problem. When I copy and paste the pic link I get the same thing?
I sure couldn't tell you cause I tried playing with the links in your first post and couldn't find any pictures. But as long as you can make knives like that I guess it doesn't matter, that thing looks sweet :cool:
Have you ever done any like that with ironwood or something for the inlay? Abalone looks really nice, but can also be a little "busy" with all the colors. I think a nice peice of wood would be a great contrast with the stainless.

These are hollow ground right? What size wheel do you use? I've always liked your grind style.
I had to get the pic links from another place, I don't know why the links you posted here are not working. As I said at the other place, I always enjoy viewing your beautiful knives, Dave
Dakcon, like I said they worked every where else. I checked and re-checked my entries and everything looked right to me. Don't know. :confused:

Matt, yes to HG and it's a 10" wheel. The first one of these I made was with Desert Ironwood and I sold it to a dealer. He had a hard time getting a buyer for it because of the wood. Personallly I love woods. There's so many beautiful grains and colors to be had. But most collectors (most not all) shun wood for some reason. But if the trend changes, I have a stockpile of strange and beautiful blocks of wood. :D


As you know, I've already commented on this terrific knife and your work in general, when you posted in the "Display Case" in another group of knife forums.

Every time I hear about how collectors don't want to see wood in their "high-end" knives, it drives me nuts. Unfortunately, somewhere along the line, collectors got that notion that wood is too commonplace and that "exotic" materials are more valuable and harder to obtain, and therefore make the piece all the more collectable.

The reality is that an exquisite, presentation grade piece of Ironwood with a good amount of chatoyance (the "tiger's eye" effect) is harder to come by than a decent piece of Mother of Pearl, or Ivory, or Abalone. I'll take a gorgeous set of hard to find, highly figured snakewood scales over a so-so set of mammoth scales any day (In fairness, when the mammoth is real good, it's tough to beat...but then most mammoth these days is only fair, unless you're paying absolute top dollar).

Speaking of top dollar, when the aforementioned rare woods (and others) are at presentation grade, they can be pretty darn pricey!

I absolutely love the look of fine wood when juxtaposed with metal. Dark woods with silver inlay,...mmmmm. Or a breathtaking ironwood inlay in an engraved integral dagger...just doesn't get any sweeter.

Every now and then we do see high-end, wood handled knives fetching top dollar...Let's hope the collectors get more educated about fine woods and continue the trend.

In a perfect world, the "bar" by which the value or desireability of a knife is determined, should really have nothing to do with the choice of materials...but the overall, net effect achieved by the maker/artisan. Beautiful is beautiful...regardless of the materials involved.

BTW Steve...As I mentioned in the other Forum, it's good to see you back at work!

Dennis Greenbaum

Yeah Baby! :cool:
Thanks again Dennis!! And I agree with you fully. When I'm doing something that is not custom ordered, I use whatever I think will compliment the piece to the best advantage and eye appeal.

In custom orders though, the customer is always right. Well, not always right but they are never wrong. ;) :rolleyes: