Law on knives on Federal Property

hso, it was dsvirsky who told me pointed to this site. I used to work at the Savannah River Site, a DOE defense site, they make tritium there, and they state in one of their rule books that no knives over 2 1/2" are allowed. Also know calculators with a small amount of memory were allowed either but that's another story.

I now work at a NASA site and things are alot looser here but if you were searched and the guards were aware of the law I think it would stand unless you could prove that it was necessary for you to do you job. Example, the electricians here carry and use knives that exceed the limit.

Personally, I doubt that the security here even know about this law. I have not seen anyone searched. I think the NRA lawyers interpretation of the law is incorrect. To my knowlege if you comit a crime and have a knife of any size on you (concealed) you can be charged with a concealed weapons charge.
Thats the way it is where I live.
I should clarify what I wrote above: The law is one thing, but you don't get to discuss the law unless you can go to court. If they want to search people at the door and forbid them to enter armed, it's not easy to see how you could get that before a judge ... even if you do, judges are likely to look at that as very different from prosecuting you. If they wanted to prosecute you they'd have to prove you were carrying for an illegal purpose, but if they only want to keep you out of the building....

I keep being surprised by posts about yet more places other than courthouses and airports where they have metal detectors. (I haven't seen any myself, btw; while I was reading those signs in the SS office I was armed with my usual assortment of legal weapons.)

I don't know what to do about it. All I can think of is going into the business of making lightweight knife and spoon sets for backpacking and picnicing, made without any metal content to save weight ... I'm working on it; watch these forums for future announcements....

-Cougar Allen :{)
Cougar, the first paragraph a) make is crime to have dangerous weapon in a Federal facility punishable by 1 year and or a fine. The next goes on to make it a crime to have a dangerous weapon for the intent of a commiting a crime in a Federal facility punishable with 5 year sentence and or fine.

I don't like it either. 2 1/2" is just to small.
I called base security down here at Tinker AFB (OK) and they said that the blade length limit on folders was 3.5". How is it that even the MPs aren't aware of the 2.5" limit?