LC200N Customs - Thin stock - BOOKS CLOSED

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David Mary

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Jul 23, 2015
I have a sheet of .082" LC200N, aka Z-Finite, and it is already at Jarod's shop awaiting plasma cutting and heat treatment. Most of the sheet has been taken up for an order placed outside of Bladeforums channels, but there is a bit of room left. Jarod's been extra busy this year, but his service is of top notch quality, and in my opinion worth the wait. I am going to venture to say it could be as long as six months before this run is processed (I don't exclude the possibility of being pleasantly surprised). I'm opening the books to anyone else who wants to piggyback on this run. It is a sheet 11.5" x 23" and about 70% of it is used up already. But there should be enough room for a chef knife, or a couple of filets knives, EDChefs, or some of those ring knives that a few people have expressed interest in. In fairness to the client who has already committed to the run, I'm going to put a one week deadline on placing an order to be a part of this run, so that we can get it moving without undue delay. If the sheet is not full by then, I will simply add some random designs to fill it up and place the order with Jarod next Saturday at the very latest.

Anyone interested, please contact me by PM or email to discuss, and I'll update this thread as the spots fill up. Thank you

ETA: It all filled up.
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Very excited to share that JTknives JTknives has informed me these are all cut out now as well and awaiting heat treatment.
Jarod has informed me that these are all heat treated and have shipped out today.

I'll be working on these over the next month. Progress pics in my shop thread.
Some of the ones finished so far:
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