LC200N Neck Knife, inspired by Spyderco, and designed by my friend

Shoot me a PM with your top three or four preferred handle color and material preferences, and I will make the one highest on the list that I have in stock.
These are about to be sheathed, and will all be ready to ship for tomorrow's mail pickup. I will be sending the finished pics and invoices out tonight as time permits. In the meantime, those of you who have one coming, please post here with your choice of fob. Your options are:

Black/Orange/Yellow, or
Lime green/yellow

If I don't hear from you here, I will put whatever color fob I think makes the most sense with the knife.


Martin, yours is the red one. Don't worry, I'll dial in the handle aesthetics on it a bit more once I have the sheaths done.
I will take one if any more become available!

I have an ARK. It's a near miss. As others have mentioned, the belly is too exaggerated. A Wharncliffe blade would be a big improvement. The sheath is almost great, but for some reason, the tab release just doesn't quite work for me.
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Another Shepherd Another Shepherd hypothetically speaking, how would you want the handle done if one did become available?
These are all crazy sharp.
Is that burlap the same that we discussed for my mini nessmuk? If so, it looks great!
This is burlap from USA Knifemaker, which I am almost out of, but the stuff I get domestically is really similar.
Remember, in the words of my friend Jake, cut towards your chum and not your thumb! Extra important with these ones.
David, not worried in the least especially after all the other blades you have made for me. As for the lanyard let’s go with black. Thanks David stay warm best Martin
hypothetically speaking, how would you want the handle done if one did become available?

David, thanks for asking. The handle you have now looks good, but I will give you a more detailed answer this evening. I collect neck knives (and knives with orange handles), so I do have some opinions on the subject. :)

Update: The photo below shows my favorite neck knives. I also like the ESEE Izula, but there was no room for it on the hook rack. Left to right: Hogue EX-F03 Purple, Spartan_Blades Enyo Bronze Line Field Grade (AUS-8), CRKT Folts Minimalist Bowie Neck Green, MKM Jesper Voxnaes Mikro 1, Bradford G-Necker, Kizlyar Supreme Amigo Z Orange, Spartan_Blades Enyo Elite Gold Grade (S35VN, sheath by Eight2Ten).

My hands are a bit smaller than average. I open carry because that is legal under Florida law for almost all blades (local laws vary).

I absolutely do not want the knife to slip out of my hand. Non-slip texture is not sufficient. I prefer a deep finger notch and/or a ring. Your present handles have a good, deep forefinger notch, but I would prefer a shape closer to the Spartan Blades Enyos, where there is also a sort of broad shallow notch for another two or three fingers. The Enyos are the neck knives that I carry most often. For a larger handle, the Hogue is my favorite; the curve and the pinkie ring make it very secure. The MKM is as small as I am willing to go; it offers a good two-finger grip, but a ring for the middle finger would have been even better. The ring in the Kizlyar is great for stabbing because I do not have to shift my grip at all after drawing the blade, but I do more slicing than stabbing. The ESEE (not shown) is similar to the Bradford but better because it has a pinkie ring. The CRKT Folts is cool, but I think it would not work for hands larger than average.

Neck Knives (2).jpg
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All of these have gone out except for one. The white one for C Cycklone . If you'd be so kind as to get in touch and let me know if you're still in for this one, I'd appreciate it, otherwise I'm going to move it along.

Also, I have been having a hard time reaching D Dave_dutchman to discuss the one for him, which means we might be looking at the white one available, and also one that is still only a blank.

I will wait for their replies, but I am not sure how long I can do so, as I still have bills to pay.
Idk how they feel?
But they actually look super cool....

Better than I expected, from the cad drawing.

*If possible, I'd like to see some hand shots?
2 new knifes:

Thanks David.
You're welcome, and thank you
2 new knifes:

Thanks David.
Don’t have a picture yet but have to say these little neck knives are super slicey and light weight. A lanyard is a must on these as it’s only a three finger grip for me. Perfect choice in steel with the LC200n, I can take it anywhere and not have to worry about corrosion if I leave it in the vehicle after a wet hike. The sheath has the perfect retention, secure with just the right break point. It’s going to make a wonderful pocket fixed blade due to it small size and light weight. Good job David and the contributor who came up with this design.
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