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LCC Black Blade?

May 3, 2000
I was wondering if any of you have seen the LCC with a black blade? How does the coating hold up? Does it scratch/chip easily? Does it look good on this particular knife? Thanks!
I've seem a couple ones at the Blade Show West. Actually from Triple Aaught Design booth, check out their website http://www.tripleaughtdesign.com/, or send them a email. I think the black blade version just came out the time of the show, which was about 9/10. Dealers should have them pretty soon if not already do. The black does look good, I have a Ti coat SOCOM which i think it's the same coating material. They holds up pretty well, compare to BM BT2 coatings, but they will still scatch off if you gana do lots of serious works. If that's the case, I recommand a stonewashed one. The LCC is the first stonewash blade for me, i loved it. It requires far less maintance than any other blade finishes, yet no ugly scatch. But if you want that SpecialOpsCovertOperation coating, I say go for it. Definitly a sweet knife, you won't be dissapointed.
Well I just got a black bladed LCC and it is very nice, as everyone has been raving...I for one like the blade shape very much, looks to be useful for everyday work.
Below is a scan I just did of the LCC in comparison to the Large and Small Sebenzas.

The handle, though large, fits the hand well, but for a few nitpicks...

The edges around the handle need to be knocked down a bit, sharp just a tad.

The clip needs to come off as it digs into my hand and isn't comfortable with it on, but you do get a sheath along with the knife so that shouldn't be a problem.

The blade, very well done, thin edged and nice and sharp, as they seem to do so well there at MT.

Opens fairly smooth and lock up is solid, it's a full liner lock, not the nested kind you might be use to from MT.

I'd recommend this knife, the black blade is pretty cool looking, will have to see how well it stands up to use, the stonewashed might be the better one for a lot of hard work.



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I am not real happy with MT's black blade finish. I sorta like a even finish. I also like one that has a satin look to it. It appears that you must put a coat of oil on the blade to keep it looking good,and this is what I don't like about it. I really like the BM black finish better. Of course the bottom line is that that black finish won't last on a hard use knife. Even moderate use can scratch the blade and cause it to look bad. The stonewash blade is the way to go if you plan to use it extensively. I have a SOCOM Elite auto with this finish and it holds up well. The best looking finish is the Anopeen on my SE manual.

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I just put a Black Serrated LCC Manual in my pocket this week for my new carry piece. Sold my personal Socom to try the LCC. I personally love the MT black blades.....yeah they scuff and will eventually show wear as any black bladed knife will, but, I bought it to use! One thing I have noticed in comparing the black blades to the SW or BB, it seems to be smoother on opening. This black serrated opens and closes sooooooo smooth. So far I'm pleased, but only been carrying it a few days.

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Mike Payne
Hello Guys,, I have one of each finish. I like the Black Ti as it has a striking appearance against the gray bolsters & carbon fibre
The stonewashed is my daily carry as I will not worry about scratching it much. The BB is in the drawer as it looks great (at first) but atracts dirt, prints, grime, etc etc Once "dirty" BB is never quite the same. The LCC is a classic not to be missed. Thanks Larry C.
Art, I also prefer the looks of the Benchmade BT2 coating. It has a richer and smoother black coating, but it does scratch a whole lot easier than the Black-Ti from Microtech.

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