LCC spring takes a lot of punishment!

Apr 21, 1999
I have been carrying and using my DALCC for a while now. it is one of the early ones that have that dry firing problem. it has dry fired on me on and off now.But it keeps on working. I would send it back, but dont have the 'neccasary papers for that. But i personally dont think the spring will break. I will keep using it and hope it doesnt break! anyone else using this knife with the dry firing problem? And unable to send it back anyway!
Mine first one is on it's way back. Same dry firing problem as well- I couldn't even keep it closed!

I, uh, "misplaced" my papers, but there's ways around that- e-mail me if you'd like...

The second one I bought is much better (has yet to dry-fire once), and you can see that the spring catch has about twice the amount of surface area to retain the spring. On my first one, however, the catch was just barely engaging, and I mean JUST barely. I tried all of the popular fixes, such as making sure that the spring and catch were lubricant free, as well as to tighten the pivot pin. Neither of those worked, so back to MT it went.

As far as the continued dry firing goes, I do believe that the spring will in fact break eventually. By the looks of the LCC, though- the spring would be pretty simple to replace- but who wants to do that? I'd want to get it fixed.


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