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Mark, I don't have that knife, but it sounds like there is nothing wrong. Over time the liner lock spring (engaging from the left side) will wear against the harder blade and will move to the right (knife held upside down in hand). A new liner-lock knife should have the liner just where you say it is, fully engaged, but on the left side of the blade tang.


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I'm not so sure about this. I have, and have returned to the factory, an LCC with the same recalcitrant liner lock. With mine the lock up was so feeble that the blade would disengage with the slightest lateral force.

I really don't think that it should be incumbent on the purchaser to spend hours/days breaking a knife in.
All things being equal, the situation you've described is exactly what I like to see out-of-the-box for a liner lock (especially a Microtech). Provided there is at least some slight resistance encountered when disengaging the lock, you have a lock that will provide good security and will automatically compensate for normal liner wear for many years to come. Enjoy your LCC, it's a great knife.

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All three of my LCC's are that way. I believe they are adjusted at the factory like this to compensate for future wear.--OKG
I agree with Bronco. Your lock is where it should be.

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