Learn me something about Simmons hardware hornet, my friends.


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Mar 8, 2011
What’s the story with Simmons hardware hornet knives? I’m considering picking up a stockman but am curious. Are they carbon or stainless? Any information would be appreciated. Thanks y’all!
The Simmons Hornets are Solingen made with carbon steel blades. The medium stockman I had was VERY nice with smooth pulls and very good F&F.
Hey, don't listen to that guy! ^^^^^
He is obviously craaaaazy, I mean what kind of sane person would sell this knife! ;)
Opps I forgot the serious part of my post.

I just got this one from Jeff a couple days ago and I reeeealy like it. 3 1/2" is smaller than I normally like to carry, 3 7/8" seems to be the sweet spot for me, but this one just melts into my hand. Like Jeff said, the F&F is very good. I will definitely be looking for others from this time period.

black mamba black mamba Jeff, do you know who made these?