Leather Sheath for a Kukri

Oct 2, 2001
Thought I'd share a picture of my latest project.

Vegetable tanned leather, dyed in antiqued mahogany color, western diamondback rattlesnake inlay. And it has two separate sections for the karda and chakma, and a removable frog.

Click here for larger picture
Man, that's nice work. Congrats. Much flatter than usual rig. Snake inlay very nice- custom work.


"click for larger picture" gives you 5 more
Great work, Vess.

I bet you'll see some business soon....:D.....there's a void that desperately needs to be filled....
Yeah really Dan! Since Terry Sisco stopped making khuk sheaths there's not really anybody in there stepping in and filling the void. I think just straight leather is probably lighter, but I sure loved Terry's leather and wood quickdraw models. I'd love to see somebody start producing them again!

Beautiful work! You have a real talent. I have seen many folks try the snakeskin inlay, but as it is very thin they seem to bunch it up or screw it up somehow. Yours is flawless. You'll have to let us know what other khuk carry options you have going and I'm sure you'll get some business now that Terry is so backed up.


That is some classic molded beautiful leather work. That's a SOG Pentagon isn't it? Back when they were still in the sheath business about 10 years ago, I had Cutlery Shoppe of Boise WY, build me a Kydex sheath shoulder rig for mine, that hangs just off my lower left chest, positioning the blade handle down (in true Ninja style ! ;) ) and clips down to my belt. Extremely fast deployment, sitting or standing (when covert desanguination techniques are required. :) ) For open pouch type carry though, I can't imagine a nicer sheath.

Please tell us quick where you got it!



P.S. + 10 minutes: DUH! DOH!! Never mind. I guess the link to Vess's website should have been a TINY clue, but I haven't had my coffee yet!
Ahh, positive feedback... :) Excellent!

Considering this was a first khukri sheath I ever made, this one turned out very nice. There's some slightly screwy stitching on the back, but luckily the frog covers it all... :D

And that SOG sheath...well...it ended up looking like a total ripoff of Spyderco Bob Lum tanto sheath, just for a different knife. That sheath is in Europe now.
Vess, does fantastic work!! I've bought quite a few of his Gunting sheaths,some military friends are VERY HAPPY with them.I have a couple of his Spydie Karambit sheaths & they are also EXCELLENT.Hmmmm,think what he can do making a fixed blade HI KARAMBIT SHEATH!! :D
THE DUCK! :cool:

Great work! Your Spyderco stuff is really impressive - handle overlays and sheaths. Nice to see you're moving into Khukland!
I'm impressed and when it comes to leather work it takes something very special to impress me!:D :cool: :D
I'm just here vouching for Yvsa...he has an eye for leathercraft.

ps: Beautiful!