Leather vs. Kydex

Oct 20, 1999
In the eyes of the masses, which material do you think is more acceptable?

I find Kydex to be an unbelievable performer, while leather has a classy-quality second only to Stiletto Heels...

let me know...

Steve in NYC

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And what is your question, again?

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An anecdote: On a weekend camping trip, comprised of a party of about 8 friends, two of us were bright enough to bring along something sharper than a spoon. I had my kydex-sheathed Ka-bar, while person #2 had a similar knife with a leather sheath. Whilst unpacking my gear, someone asked me "Who're you gonna kill with that?" Nobody noticed the leather-encased cutlery. Or his stiletto heels.

Needless to say, not all of my friends are all that bright.

Edit: Suggestion - kydex sleeve inside leather/leather-wrapped kydex, for the best of both worlds?

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I tend to be rough on the few fixed blades that I own, and I go for function and durability over looks anyway, so I seek out Kydex sheaths when available.
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Where did that pancake for the LCC come from? Looks great!

I prefer leather, but I must admit that kydex is great stuff, however ugly. One thing, kydex will scratch some knives;leather won't.
I'm a natural kinda' guy. My vote for the all-around sheath material would definately go to leather. I would, however, recind my vote if I was heading off to the rainforest where I don't even want to hear that "L" word.

Seiously though, there's just something special about a leather sheath.
I think you know what I mean.

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