Leatherman Charge: Ti vs XTi

Feb 13, 2006
Hi all, I'm heading overseas backpacking shortly so I'm looking to get one of these soon, but I can't decide between the Ti or the XTi.

I really like the idea of the cutting hook on the XTi, but I also think i want the scissors that are on the Ti. My last leatherman and other cheap multi tools I've had in the past had neither so I can't say from experience how much I'd use either feature. Am I imaging the cutting hook to be more useful than it would be in practice, same for the scissors?

Other than that, I don't think I'd have a use for the blasting cap crimper and if I don't use it, it probably will just annoy me by taking up space on the pliers face. Also I think the second small bit driver on the XTi is superfluous and I'd probably rather have the fixed flat large screwdriver on the Ti.

I think what I want is the Ti with the XTi's serrated blade with cutting hook.

Anyone care to offer an opinion?

Dec 5, 2005
I have the xti and have found the "gut hook" to be pretty useless. The serrated blade part is sharp but the hook hasnt been able to cut anything for me besides fishing line. And having the serrated part on the same blade all but eleviates it from rescue type stuff. I've found the pliers to be very strong even with the crimper hole. I'd go with the scissors though.
Apr 20, 2005
I got my Xti when both models came out, I used mine for a year and someone stole from me :mad:

The in 2005 I bought a new one over the internet and have it shipped to Guatemala, that is the worst experience that I ever had with a Multitool specially with Leatherman.

I end it paying like 120 Us dollar for it and when I open the box you can see the quality of the tool was very poor, Machining blurs on the metal, play on the handles, and the first experince on the first weekend that I got it,
I went to the shooting range and we where adjusting the sights on a AR-15 and the little screwdriver broke! :eek:
Then I wrote and e-mail to Leatherman telling about it and they told me to send it back, to send it back from here cost me about 60 Us Dollars so I didn't (you expect a better solution from a company like Leatherman and for the price of the tool you expect more.)
And to end it a few days ago the bit of the screwdriver bend and broke the base so...

Why would I ever buy a expensive tool again and for all the problems that It caused to me i would expect better service from Leatherman.
So that's what I can tell you about the XTi. :thumbdn:

And I still happy with my Swisstool Spirit!