leatherman CRUNCH

Leatherman Crunch is an interesting tool, and I think a very good and useful tool if your expectations are realistic. This is perhaps less a "Multi-tool" than it is a folding set of vise grips with a couple of additional tools in the handle.

When the tool is opened the plier jaws have to be manually connected to the lower handle, the tool is not ready to use as it unfolds. This adds a few extra movements to the process, but with a little practice it can be done one handed in less than 5 seconds.


The jaws and locking mechanism are as close as bomb proof as you will find in a folding tool. I have used mine clamped to a standing seam on a steep pitch copper roof to stand on while working farther up the roof. (N.B. this practice is neither endorsed nor recommended by me, nor I would assume by Leatherman, but in a pinch it works)

The other tools fold into the lower handle, and consist of a serrated sheep's foot blade, a file, a Phillips screw driver, and two standard screw drivers. All tools lock in place. Tools do not clump. If you completely remove the knob that adjusts the plier jaws, there is a hex bit adapter below.

The major disadvantage to the locking plier is that if you allow the handle to snap open when you unlock the plier the bottom handle will disconnect from the jaw, and must be reattached before you can use them again.

My take on the Crunch is that it is an extremely rugged, nicely built, cleverly designed tool. It is however of somewhat limited utility unless you have a need for locking pliers. If you do, and if you don't want to stick a pair of small vise grips in your pocket the Crunch can't be beat. Otherwise, the wave is more versatile.

Quote: This is perhaps less a "Multi-tool" than it is a folding set of vise grips with a couple of additional tools in the handle

Truer words would be hard to speak. The Crunch is a very useful, high quality tool if you find yourself needing locking pliers. Otherwise, the Wave and other LM products are more versatile.

LM makes good stuff and the Crunch is no exception, just know its strengths and limitations.
No clumping?If they put that into the Pulse,then I would say it would become THE best multi-tool on the market.Nice review!

"Just me and my multi-tools."
Looks nice, I think I will stick with my Wave thought. They shoulc make a CRUNCH MICRA, a little awkward, but I would be interisted in seeing one.