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Leatherman maintenance


Apr 28, 1999
I have a Leatherman Supertool. It recently got some gunk (maybe packing tape bits) in between the blades and handles. Is there any way I can take apart the Leatherman and clean it out? Thanks!
I usually just open all the tools (to different angles) and blast the hell out of it with Gunscrubber or plain ol' WD40. Has always worked for me!

Clay Fleischer

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I don't think the super tool can be dissasembled, but I agree with Clay, using WD-40 is amazing in removing sticky gunk off blades and stuff, wont rinse away you must rub it off and the oil makes it an easy job.

G2 my .000wd40

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This probably won't work for packing tape but I just put mine in the dishwasher. When it's done I wipe it down or blow it off and reoil the pivots.