Leatherman Micra arrived


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May 26, 1999
Yes, another benefit of being a regular reader! And what a buy!

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Tick Tock, Tick Tock, mine must be coming from China via camel. How did they ship yours?

PS, I quote your signiture all the time, it describes so many things.

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I got mine Wed. I feel guilty, The price of a Micra and 2nd Day Air UPS surely costs more than $6.48.

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I got an e-mail that my Micra had been shipped. I had to pay the exorbitant price of $9.30 for mine.

Got an e-mail stating I'll get mine this Monday. Can't wait for it. Anyway, at least they keep you informed. Strange coz my CC never got charge yet. Also they said that over more than 2000 orders have been placed on the micra and they don't know why all suddenly. Funny, though if they only know.
Got mine on Thursday. On Saturday night, was sitting at dinner after the Chicago show, when someone noticed the Micra on my keychain, showed me his own and said it was $20 well spent. I chuckled...
Just as I was signing on to BF, the mail guy passed by my desk/cube/sensory deprivation chamber & plopped down my Micra.
I just got tickets to a Tom Waits concert delivered this morning, both of my bosses are out & my phone is quiet- What A Great Day!

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UPS tried to deliver it Friday, but I wasn't home. I picked it up today. It will serve as a backup to the Micra which I carry already.

I've got a very positive report about my order, which fell through some electronic cracks and which apparently never made it into the buyitonline system. For some reason when I hit the submit button, I did not get a confirmation of any kind and my order from Outdoor World didn't make it into their system (no email confirmation).

Well, after a couple of emails (and 2 weeks later) - Julie Fox, Customer Service Representative, has now belatedly placed my order for the $6.48 Leatherman Micra. That's why I'm posting here. I can't help but report this good news. This is one very nice young lady who has gone out of her way to be helpful. I am very hopeful now that my Micra is on its way.

I guess I'd better post this in the good, bad and ugly forum too.
Good luck Bob.
I got mine yesterday and am pleased. The tweezers will come in especially handy for "field" splinters. I am a little concerned that the packing list did not mention the price so I'll check my CC bill when it comes in.


I like your, paraphrasing loosly, sensory deprivation cubical,
, I'll have to remember that.

Does not quite make up for missing out on the offer.
You knifenuts are going to love this.

I received my shipping notice for the Leatherman Micra. Not only are they honoring the $20 off coupon, but the price has gone down to $26.22, so I'm paying $6.22 instead of $6.48 for my Micra!

Makes my day!
Just got mine today. It's already found a home in my wife's purse. I cringed at comments like "Oh, these scissors are perfect for coupons!" and "I can pluck my eyebrows with these tweezers!"

Uh oh... estrogen overload!

I'll be back later, gotta cut up a couple of 2x4's with my WAVE!

PS-Bob, whatcha gonna do with that extra 26 cents?

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The UPS truck just left. $6.48 was a steal. Now bring on the next deal!
Got mine last week and I'm now waiting for a $5 SAK Camper to arrive. Just think how many $5 to $9 USMC knives would get sold :^)