Leatherman Micra or Swiss Army Knife?

Apr 23, 2000
First off, let me tell you that I've had a Swiss Army Knife (SAK for the uninitiated) of one kind or another in my pocket for 10 years. Oddly enough, I was reluctant to change because I'm kind of attached to the toothpick (free psychological advice is welcome).

Well, a couple of guys at the office were praising the Micra, so I went and bought one today. I've decided to give it a go and carry a toothpick in my shirt.

The Micra seems to be a well built little guy. Definitely focused on the scissor and tool crowd. Lots of little screwdrivers to help you get out of those locked bathrooms (toothpicks don't help there). One issue I have with the scissors is that mine seem to close a little beyond the midpoint, ie. the points of the scissors extend just a tad past the opposing blade.

Now I know the Micra can be a weapon of deadly force in the hands of an Undead Rodent, but what about the rest of us?

So, what's the forumites's take on the Micra vs SAK controversy. Which is better for you and why?

I own both SAK's and Micras, but ALWAYS come back to the Victorinox SAK. The one I never leave home without is the Mini-ChampII model. It's the same 2.25" size as the Classic, but with lots more tools. It has the scissors, a drop point blade, a bottle opener/phillips-head screwdriver combo, a nail file, flathead screwdriver, an orange peel cutter, a wharncliff blade, keyring, tweezers, and a retractable ink pen with a replaceable cartridge. It gets far more use than any of my other knives. It's the best $25 knife out there.

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I've put my micra into a toolbox somewhere; truck, atv or sigother's car - who knows. I much prefer a SAK and I have a half dozen different models that I carry on and off (but I always have at least one with me.) The SAK is liberal friendly (non-sheeple threatening), easy to use, easy to sharpen and clean, and it remains a timeless classic (like me
). I can't imagine being without the memories inspired by some of my SAK's.
Well I have choosen an SAK numerous times over a micra. In fact everytime I go out to actually buy a micra (there's been more than a couple of times) I come home with an SAK instead. I'm sure the micra would make a useful keychain tool (I will get one one of these days)but it could never replace my SAKs. If I leave home with out one I must be sane and that just doesn't happen. The easy solution to your problem though is to buy the Micra and try it out. If you don't like it simply give it away as a Christmas present.

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Heck, I carry both, Executive and a Micra. The Executive is in my pocket and the Micra rides in my pocket notebook holder with a SAK (by Caran D'arch) pen. But then again, I also have a neck knife, Mayo TNT and a defensive handgun or two also...

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I carry both. The Micra is on my keyring and the SAK is in my pocket. The Micra's scissors get used a lot but if I need a knife blade or screwdriver (or magnifying glass), I pull out the SAK.
I carried a couple of different Victorinox SAK for many years. The scales would fall off, the toothpick/tweezers wouldn't stay in, the scissors routinely broke.

For the last three years, the Micra has been the preferred mini item of choice. It has functioned much better, never fails, has more useful tools, infinitely superior scissors (these work) superior tweezers. The loss of a plastic toothpick is not an issue at all.

I usually have ribbon floss with me anyway...

Dean, try to carry both for a while. Micra has stronger scissors and the small screwdrivers finely complement those on the SAKs. However the scissors on the small SAKs are better suited for really fine cutting. On the other hand the SAKs have better blades and cap lifters and the regular sized ones usually have can openers too. If you are a wine afficionado the corkscrew is a must.
I personally think that carrying 2-3 comfortable toolsets is better than an all-in-one bulky "ultimate survivor tool".
The Micra is very fine tool but it is suited for really little chores only.
Put me on the both list. Carry a Cybertool 29 with my work keys in my left pocket and a Micra with my other keys in the right pocket. I like the micra scissors better and I use the nail file. The SAK or my Pulse gets used for most other things (the scissors on the Pulse are subpar, IMHO)

Note on the coloured Micras: The colour chips off fast. My fiance still liked it better than the silver one. Oh, and the red one is really more maroon...

I do have a worn out micra -- not DOA or anything, but the scissors barely touch anymore and it just kinda chews through most material.

The points on my Micras go past each other too, but this doesn't seem to hurt anything.

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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by CD Fleischer:
I like the micra scissors better

The scissors may do a better job at cutting, but where's the spring?

SAK scissors have what I would consider an essential component: that bent metal spring so you don't have to manually open the scissors using your fingers.

How could the Micra scissors function better without a spring?

Neat,I just got my first Micra last night! I've had sak's forever and I like them plenty.I got a Micra because my little led lights keep falling out of my uniform pants and none of my sak's got rings on them.So I got a Micra to attach my led to kind of like an anchor.It is a neat little tool,so for me ,home and work Micra,outdoors sak.And yes I will gat a sak with a ring.

The Micra scissors has a spring.

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Dean -
Not having any experience with the Micra -
but 30 years worth with the SAK "Classic" and "Executive" and quite a few others... If stress IF Santa brings me a Micra .I'll carry it but in addition to my Classic! - at under $10.00 at Target - what a deal and you can even do better sometimes! It's like zippers on pants even if the Marines don't put them on BDU's (at least not on mine!) they are still a better idea. SAK's are for real!

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SAKs rule!!! However, you can take the small SAK toothpick and stick it in the tweezers on the Micra. When the tweezer is closed the toothpick is held relatively securely in place.


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I've carried a Leatherman Micra in my key wallet for a little better than a year and a half now, and I really like the liddle bugger.

I always carry my Victorinox Deluxe Tinker, and my Cold Steel 5 inch Gunsite, and my Cold Steel Medium Clip-Point plain-edge Voyager, and my Cold Steel Stainless Tanto, and my...
(Damn, NO WONDER my key wallet is so fat, and won't fit in my pocket, anymore...

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