Leatherman Micra Order status -- read if you ordered


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May 26, 1999
Well, it really was a great deal. But you get an email that contains:

> Thank you for shopping at BuyItOnline, the Internet's best retail
> shopping site! We appreciate and value your business.
> This is to confirm receipt of your Order # O109352
> For most orders, you can expect receipt in 6-8 business days, with the
> exception of perishable goods, which are shipped either Overnight or 2nd
> Day Air.

If you want to check status, leave out the leading O from the order number. In this case, just input 109352 in the order number box.

Also, they are delayed (duhh) and the lady told me she could not believe how many of these they sold.

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Humm. I wonder why they sold so many

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Do it! Do it right! Do it right NOW!

Let's see... how many members are on here?

I know I passed it on to at least 12 other people, most of whom said they ordered...

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I got the same email. I expected as much. Not everyone who ordered posted here. There were several on rec.knives who said they ordered also.

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Well who is going to start a thread asking how many member order one.

I ordered two.
One from my house and one from my mom's house

-Greg Johnson

I just got e-mail saying mine had been shipped and should be here by the 7th. Go figure.

Interesting...they're saying mine hasn't been shipped.

BTW, I tried to find "Outdoor World of California" and it seems to be gone - did we overload them?
Yeah, I can't find it there either. I had to buy it from another company for $9.30. Still a great price. I carry a Micra daily. I'll either keep it as a backup or give it to my wife so she won't keep asking to borrow mine.

I received an e-mail yesterday saying mine had been shipped.

And yes, the price of $6.48 is WAY under wholesale cost. Nice deal.

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I feel a little guilty because this is probably costing them money. Oh well, I'll get over it. My order status is "Not Yet Shipped".


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I got a order confirmation too, but just check the status, not yet shipped!! but at $6.48 for LM Micra, I can't ask too much!!
Hey Axel
Where did you find the micra for 9 bucks. Please e-mail me if you don't want to post it.

What? Another knife? Don't you have enough of those things already?
How many does one person need?
And just what are you going to do with this one that you can't do with the others?
What is the purpose of all these knives anyhow??


See the thread by Mike Turber on the Micra:


I could not locate the Outdoor World of Calif. site, but if you go to Sports and Recreation you will see the Time Saving Tools site. Go there and then select Sports and Recreation. They have the Micra for $29.30. With the $20 coupon that is a total cost of $9.30.

I'm assuming that you didn't already order the Micra for $6.48 which would mean you used the coupon then.

Well, I got mine today. I've got to say, it was very fast service. They also included a coupon good for 10% off my next order. Now if they don't screw up the charge on my charge card, I'll continue to be a happy camper.

Well I my leatherman is in transit got tracking numbers. should be here in a couples of days

-Greg Johnson

I got a e-mail saying it was shipped, but the tracking # they gave me did not work, and the toll free # does not work here in AK..I am bummed...I need a new toy..

Just got mine, and my credit card has not been charged yet!! wonder if this is a 9/9/99 problem?!?!