Leatherman Micra vs. SOG Crosscut...?

Feb 18, 1999
Does anyone have the Crosscut? I am wondering how its construction, particularly the solidity of the scissors joint, compares. Also, how do the various other little implements compare?
I prefer the CrossCut. I got one because the scissors on my Micra loosened at the joint twice in 6-7 months (both were replaced by Leatherman, 2nd I gave away). I've been told that was 1-in-million bad luck, apparently.

In any case, I find the SOG scissors much better constructed and more effective. The SOG scissors are easier to grip, and the extra .25" cutting edge is nice, too (1.25" vs Micra 1"). Makes for "beefier" scissors. Cliff Stamp mentioned that some folks have noted binding on light materials like tissue ppr, but I haven't experienced that yet.

The SOG tweezers and file are much better (its two most-used tools after the scissors for me). Tweezers are 3/16" wide on the CrossCut, nearly useless on the Micra. SOG file is a workable single-cut file vs Micra's pebble-board file (I hate those).

Knife blade seems equally effective on both (FWIW -- I cannot recall ever using it for anything other than testing it).

SOG's negatives for me: toothpick strikes me as a waste of space -- too thick for its intended use, and I cannot think of a decent alternative use for it. In its place, Micra has a very functional Phillips head screwdriver. SOG's high-shine finish looks very nice and probably improves its corrosion resistance, but hinders the usefulness of the remaining tools. Small ("eyeglass") and med. screwdrivers work, but only after I sanded their tips flat and removed their high polish. Otherwise, their small size and slippery finish rendered them ineffective. The bottle opener just slips off bottle caps.

But overall, since it's basically a pair of scissors and tweezers for me, I prefer the SOG.

Ditto to storyville's comments about the micra tweezers. Have never put my micra scossors thru heavy use. So far so good. Have my micra in my pocket all the time. Needs occassional cleaning to prevent rust spots caused by perspiration dampness.
Just my 2 cents worth...