Leatherman problems


Apr 28, 1999
I have a Supertool, which I like. One problem, though is that there is a lot of gunk, like sand, tape particles and stuff like that between the blades and on the plier pivot, which make the pliers and the blades very hard to open. I tried to use dental floss to get between the blades, but it was too thick. Is there any way to disassemble the Supertool and clean it? The blades are so gummed up that the little pivot thing turns when I open certain blades, which I know isn't normal. Also, does Leatherman have a website? Thanks!

Try using one of those brake cleaner spray or WD-40. My PST once fell to a pail of adhesive. I sprayed WD-40 and left it overnight. You probably have to respray it again to get rid of the sticky residue, but it will dissolve the sticky substance. Once there, wash it with hot water to get rid of the WD-40.

I'm not sure what types of plastics Gun Scrubber has caused problems with, but I've used it on Glock pistols, Zytel, and G10 with no problems. It does leave a slightly milky residue, but a rundown with a good lubricant always takes care of it.

What problems did you run into with Gun Scrubber? I'd like to avoid anything you've had problems with.


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thanks for the tips! i'll try WD-40. I don't have any gun cleaner.
Hi Codeman,

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I was using GS to clean a friend's BM Mini-Spike and noticd that the delrin spacer had started to melt. I emailed Benchmade and they said to send it back, since they had endorsed GS on their website. By the next time I went back to their website, they had changed their endorsement.

I am not suprised the high grade composite that Glock uses was unaffected. Cheaper materials like Delrin are obviously the ones to watch out for...

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A note on Gun Scrubber. About 8 years ago I had a ram-line clip for a MK-II. The clip was getting kinda gummy so, a quick blast of Gun Scrubber, clip be ruined.

And it happened real fast, 30 seconds.