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Leatherman Sideclip

Jedi Knife

May 6, 1999
I am considering a Leatherman Sideclip because of its slim profile and relative light weight, and obviously, because of the ever handy pocket clip. I know that this tool has a dimunitive knife blade, but that's OK if the rest of the tool is well made. Can anyone offer me information about this particular tool?

Well, compared to the full-sized Leatherman tools, the Sideclip lacks the saw, the file, and the awl, which may not be too big a deal if you spend your days in an office, but which could be a considerable drawback in the wet wild wood (as Jim used to say). The pliers are of the original design, in which the handles can hurt your hand when you squeeze them hard. The blade is, as you say, quite small and doesn't lock open; neither do any of the other tools.

Depending on your intended use of the tool, these drawbacks may mean little to you. If you'd mostly be using the screwdrivers and pliers, and you carry a good folding knife anyway, the Sideclip might be a perfectly adequate everyday carry tool for you. If you don't think you'd use the pliers much, a nice SAK might be just as good. There are some other multitools with pocket clips, SOG, Buck, and Spyderco are manufacturers that come immediately to mind.
I have a gaggle of Leathermans (Leathermen?)
including the Sideclip.
I generally echo what "craigz" had to say. It is not a useful as the Wave (my favorite) and definately not as suited for the "wet wild wood" as the SuperTool, but I like it. It's good around the office and I carry it inconjubction with a folder. Come to think of it, I carry all of the LM in conjunction with a folder.

The reduced size and clip make it convenient to carry which means you will have it ON YOU when you need to do something. This, to me, is one of the greatest attributes of a tool. All of the talk about this could be bigger, stronger, more comfortable, more this and more that is interesting, but for crying our loud, buy a toolbox with a Craftsman 553 piece set in it. The idea of a multi-tool, IMHO, is to be handy, asin available, as in on you. ANY multi-tool is a compromise compared to a tool box sized task dedicated tool. Then you get into degrees of compromise in exchange for handiness.

With all of that said, get the largest, strongest, most comfortable LM that you will carry comfortably so that it will be with you when you need it. That may be a Crunch or Superetool with many extras, or the little Micra, that part is up to you.

For what it's worth. No matter which LM you pick, you will receive much quality and durability for the money and a great company standing behind the product, based upon my experiences.

Happy Hunting!

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I'm with Nimrod here. The Wave is the tool that I carry all most all the time.

I have a Sideclip that I carry, not to replace the Wave, but to replace the nothing that I would be carrying when the wave is too big, or when it would be inappropriate on my belt.

Is it as good as the Wave or Super Tool? No. Is it better than nothing? Yes.

Advantages of the Sideclip

- you don't need to wear it in a pouch on the belt which looks awkward in some environments
- you still get all the more important items
- the offset srewdrivers prevent them from closing during use
- the light weight makes it ideal for daily carrying

Disadvantages are
- the handles are not too comfortable for a tighter grip on the pliers
- make sure the clip is tight. I lost one tool because the clip was too loose
- the blade is a kind of small for bigger tasks

Overall it's the perfect tool for working on computers.
One recommendation for Side Clip:
Allways, allways close the handle while using the nibs - they do fold!!!
Maybe especially while using the blade.
I didn't - and took four stitches accross forefinger's joint.
The good point was, it's so damn sharp I didn't feel anything...
Thank you all for sharing your experiences and opinions with me. I'm sorry if my header misled you, after looking at it a second time I think I should have put a "?" on it to indicate it was an inquiry.

The reduced size and clip make it convenient to carry which means
you will have it ON YOU when you need to do something.
Well put, Nimrod. A local sports store had the Wave on sale for a great price, but after handling it I decided to pass it up because it is just too heavy, and I think that this will contribute to me not carrying it when I should.

- make sure the clip is tight. I lost one tool because the clip was too loose
After looking at the Sideclip, I realize that , should I need to adjust the clip, or if I should bend it (that possibility exists), I would have a difficult time getting the clip off due to the unusual Torx bolt. Are tools available to fit these bolts?

Allways, allways close the handle while using the nibs - they do fold!!!
Maybe especially while using the blade.
tuhkis- sorry to hear about your injury. Thanks for the advice, I will heed the voice of experience.

Thanks again everyone!

Personally, I don't have much use for a multi-tool. I do have a side clip, and like it. I use it mainly for fishing. The blade is more than adequate for trout or cutting bait. The screwdrivers for working on reels. The pliers for removing hooks, and the wire cutters for cutting hooks or line.

I regularly carry a Wave but have the Sideclip as a spare tool for those times when belt carry isn't an option.

The Sideclip is the tool that goes into my briefcase while traveling overseas. The absence of locking and serrated blades means that I have been able to carry it everywhere including through security at some of the tougher airports in the World.
Jedi Knife: So far I haven't found a Torx wrench for the Sideclip. After I lost the first tool, I made sure the next one had a tighter clip from the beginning. There seem to be slight tolerances in how strongly they are bend inwards. The screws were tight in either case. So if you feel the clip on your tool is too loose, you should bend it slighty with some needle nose pliers.