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Leatherman Wave or PST??

Feb 18, 1999
For general daily carry (comfort), quality of construction, tool selection, weight, etc., and why?
I had a PST, then a PST II, then a Wave. Improvements every time. I think the Wave is bulkier, heavier, and pricier - but well worth it.

The handles finally fix the gripping problem - they're comfy and round. They have a little flex and I was afraid to really crank on the pliers at first, but I've gotten over that and it's up to any force I've tried.

Having a plain and serrated blade both at easy one-handed access is great. I gave away my "beater" knife 'cause I found I was only using the Wave. The saw works VERY well a and the locking file's nice, too. The PST has the file and plain blade, but they're so hard to access that you won't use them much.

Plus you have all your standard screwdriver goodies plus scissors! I like scissors, I really do.

Oh yeah - it's also really sexy looking. Honest.

In short, is it worth twice the money and about 50% more weight and thickness? I surely think so.

Wave--hands down,

More rounded and contoured than any other multitool. Still light enough to carry in the pocket rather than on the belt. One handed opening and primary tool locking is seriously cool compared to the older LMs and others except the Victorinox Swisstool. If you need the supertool adapter the Wave is not your tool. If convenience in your multitool is a prime factor, the Wave beats the others by a wide margin. Among the best fifty or sixty dollars I ever spent.

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My vote is for the Wave, same reasons above: very user-friendly and easily the most comfortable. Rounded handles let you squeeze as hard as you need to. File really works, diamond side can even touch up blade edges (tho’ not the Wave’s). Plain edge is a great letter opener. Nice to have a true serrated sheepsfoot, too. Smaller tools don’t lock, which some folks don’t like. In theory they can close up but I find their fit very tight. As Oregon Duck notes, easily the most convenient pckg in 4” size.

I’ve had a PST since before I had my computer, and it’s still ticking. These days it’s my “travel” model. I’ve carried it in my carry-on luggage for over 10 yrs and have yet to have it confiscated (tho’ I’ve taken it out and been asked to open the blade numerous times...).


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Although I prefer the Super Tool to either, if restricted to that choice I would take the PST, or maybe the PST II, if that is an option.

I regard any multi-tool as a sort of emergency or "at hand" devise. The PST/PST II are harder on the hand than the Wave, but can be put up with under the circumstances I would be most likely to use it. If gloves are available, or a folded handkerchief, differences in hand comfort between the two
becomes negligible.

OTOH, the PST weighs only 5 oz. compared to 8 for the Wave and is smaller, can be a true pocket tool. The Wave, IMHO, is just enough larger and heavier to be a belt carry only proposition. Of course, my fave Super Tool is even bigger and heavier, but once you are packing on the belt, the extra weight is not noticeable, so you might as well go for the extras. Same goes for the even bigger and heavier Swisstool.

While the Wave is very useful and attractive,
I prefer the locking tools and robust build of the Super Tool. If rounded handles and convenient access is paramount, the Swisstool is an even better choice. If it had been on the market a few years ago, I might have gone for it, but like the ST well enough to find no need to switch. Suggest you try them all out, if you can.