Leatherman Wave vs. Gerber 600/800

Jul 15, 2000
Ok, guys.

I'd like to hear some opinions on this. I need to replace my original Gerber (10 years old) with a newer model. Which one would you guys recommend, and why?

Thanks in advance for the replies.
Depending on what you were going to use it for, I would go with the LM Wave or Pulse.

These are great "everyday" type multi-tools.

If I were concerned about size/weight, I might consider the original PST, PSTII or the clip model. These are smaller and lighter but not as useful, IMO as the Wave. I like my Wave and carry it most. I do not have the Pulse, but consider it an improvced Wave.
I'd like to hear more about the Gerbers too. I was trying to look at one the other day but it was bubble wrapped and you couldn't pop it out of its package.

I have the pulse and the wave and I don't see the pulse as an improved wave. It's more of an improved PS II. It lacks all the tools the wave has but all the tools lock and it's lighter. The wave is more versatile but the pulse is safer to use and more comfortable to carry in the pocket. And I think it's inherently stronger than the wave as are the rest of the LM line, though the more I use the wave, the more I'm convinced its pretty robust, just not as robust as a pulse or a supertool for that matter. Just my 2 cents.


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I think the gerbers are better for serious useers ( at least regarding the 600 series, I haven't handled the 800)For one thing all the inplements lock. On a wave you have 4 locking tools and the rest are slip joint I beleive. Locking screwdrivers and other tools really are alot nicer to work with. The lock on the gerber 600 is very solid and is easy to release wihtout being prone to accidental release.
The pliars on gerber's are heavier, and they snap open with jsut a wrist flicking action which is a must for me. The pliars are the main reason I carry a multi tool. When I'm crawling around unerneath a tractor or a baler trying to thread baling wire I don't want to drop everything to open my pliars.
There's more options available on the gerber also. You can find them in several configurations at stores or you can design your own online. If/when I replace the one I have which is the standard. I will try to get one witha plain blade and a saw ( which has a replaceable blade). Theres all kinds of other options to find the one thats jsut right for you.

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I picked up the wave today> I got a hell of a deal, so I couldn't pass it up.
I agree with Matt about the pliers. I like my old Gerber cause they "flip" out.
I've looked at the 600 & the 800 Gerbers, and agree that they are heavier.
I guess I'll see how the Wave holds up to severe use as time goes by. Last Leatherman I had the plier jaws snapped off when turning a nut,and I got the Gerber to replace it.
I hope this Wave does the trick for me.
Thanks for the comments.