Leek...Plain or 1/2 Serrated Blade

Oct 26, 2001
Hey all,

I almost bought a LEEK last night at Wally World but I don't know if I like that blade that is 1/2 serrated. I also looked at a Kershaw Bump with the Tanto point and it had the same blade configuration as the LEEK. I don't have a single knife that is 1/2 serrated. So I am trying to figure out whether I should go ahead and get one of the 1/2 Serrated blade or order myself a PLAIN blade LEEK.

Can anyone give any advice on why the 1/2 Serrated blad is the way to go? Should I order one of the plain blades or should I give the 1/2 plain blade a try?

Thanks for the help and advice again.



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Feb 10, 2005
I just ordered my Leek with a plain blade but only because that's how I buy all my knives now. My first knife had a plain/serrated blade and it quickly broke me of serrations.
Apr 6, 2004
Plain edge all the way.

A properly sharpened plain edge will do pretty much anything just as well as a serrated edge.

If you know you will be using the knife for something in which serrated edge gives you a big advatage (maybe if you are cutting tons of really heavy rope or somethign, IDK) then get a fully serrated blade.

Combo edges are useless IMO. Unless they are on like a 6" blade, you don't get enough of either to properly to the job.


Aug 22, 2005
I tend to agree with what everyone is saying. Its much easier to deal with a plain edge most of the time. I do have some combo edged blades, and there is nothing wrong with them, but most of the time I wish they were just plain.



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Jul 27, 2005
yeah plain edge, its just not worth the hastle on that particular knife to have partial serrations,

Joe Dirt

Jan 26, 2006
I also agree with plain edge. I don't think that there should be partial serrations on any knife with a 3" or less blade.

However I am a fan of the fully serrated blades that Spyderco makes. I'd love to have a fully serrated Delica. Great looking knife.
Feb 2, 2006
The Leek is a great knife, but the serrated blade will break on you.

I've owned two Leeks and about to get my third. First was a straight edge that I lost to the trashcan just before a TSA. Second was a partially serrated one that I lost to a cardboard box in my garage last week...was cutting the lid off a standard U-Haul packing box and snapped the blade at the first serration towards the tip. Now you can see why I am getting my third.

I went to the local knife shop to get my new one and inspected a serrated Leeks. In my opinion, the serrations are much too deep for that blade. Severely weakens the blade and poses a safety risk. I used my first straight edge Leek for all tasks (including box cutting) and it never failed me. Don't trust the serrated ones anymore.