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Left hand blade


Titanium Bladesmith
Knifemaker / Craftsman / Service Provider
Dec 27, 2013
Someone who acquired a machete a few years back began to practice HEMA martial arts, and has been using his machete like a small saber. He requested a main gauche (left hand) knife to be used along with the machete, and also that the blade's profile be similar to an old knife I made quite a while ago. Basically he wanted it to be matchy-matchy with the machete to make a little pair of fighting blades.

Here it is! Made of hardened ATI425 (grade 38) titanium alloy, with a 7.5" blade and 4.5" handle that's grippy and has a pronounced wasp waist. The blade is thin and convex, with a needle point and toothy, flesh-shredding edge.

The leather sheath is like a tiny flat scabbard, with deerskin overlay.




Fun fact: The machete in question was the first of the Italian Machete type of Mecha blade, and got its name because this fellow is Italian.
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