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left handed folders.

Benchmade makes a few lefty model as does CRKT I think. I heard Camillus has a lefty version of their CUDA knife.
All of BMs axis lock line, which is extensive, is fully ambidextrous.
The Vision series by SOG is also fully ambidextrous. Don't own one but it looks like a nice folder.
Kershaw has the Random Task and Mini-task in lefty versions. Chris Reeve Knives makes all their folders in lefty versions. And then there are customs...

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Emerson Knives also makes some of their models in a leftie version

Almost all of the Spyderco light weights with the Zytel handle and the metal clip are ambidexterous, or rather convertable to left hand carry.

Spyderco Wegner mouse has a reversable clip.

Benchmade Axis locks are convertable, except the Pardue 720.

Chris Reeve Knives makes a Left Handed folders.


Rick Gray - Left Handers Unite