Legal folder length in Texas? & Dagger question

Big Dave

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Dec 18, 1998
I live in Hawaii where there is no max blade length on folders. But daggers are outlawed.

We will most likely move to Austin this summer. Does Texas have a blade length max for folders? If so what is it?

Assuming that daggers or dirks are outlawed in many states, I was wondering what exactly is considered a dagger.

If the top edge is sharpened for an inch or 1.5" would that be illegal?


An illegal knife according to TX penal code is one with a blade length of over 5 and 1/2 inches. It apparently does not matter if it is a folder or fixed blade as long as it does not exceed that length. Also I was informed that most daggers, dirks, poiniards, and bowie knives are not generally knives that are commonly seen. As I was instructed, if the blade does not exceed 5 and 1/2 inches it is not illegal, regardless of double edge or any other characteristics. I can site the section of the PC regarding prohibited weapons and illegal knives (I will dig it out) but you may also wish to seek out other sources of info on this matter.
Also I was instructed that depending on where you reside, the Co. Prosecutor may have a differing opinion or interpretation of the law. As for Travis Co. (Austin) the general rule is applied by blade length.

Hope this helps!
Thanks Phillip.

I was under the impression that 3.5" was the folding max in Texas.

But- that just didn't sound right being that it's Texas.

Thanks for clearing it up.

Big Dave,

I have lived in Texas 25 of my 26 years and I am pretty familiar with the Texas penal code regarding knives. Though I don't have the copied pages of the codes in front of me, I can tell you that daggers are a no-no. In fact, there is a fuzzy line included that the definition of a dagger(illegal knife) is not limited to just daggers, dirks and poinards. Basically, I interpret this to mean the cop or judge can define practically anything metal that can thrust/stab as a dagger. My advise would be to NOT carry on your person 'anything' double edged, even 1.5" down the back of the spine because it would probably show intent to use your tool for stabbing. 5 1/2" is the legal blade length for fixed or folder. I'm quite certain there aren't any laws prohibiting concealed carry regarding knives but If I'm wrong, someone please inform me.
Texas is a great place Dave, but it's just as misguided as many other states in the way they approach weapon laws and how to deal with crime in general.

This is my first post on any forum ever, so if I seem a bit clumsy with this posting thing just tell me what I'm doin' wrong.
I've lurked so to speak shortly after knifeforums came on-line. I agree with many other people here(bladeforums) that this place is just a more comfortable place to be.


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And from what I've heard, the knife laws as detailed above are often *not* enforced for holders of concealed carry handgun permits. Texas recently put in a "shall issue" true handgun carry permit system, there were over 300,000 permitholders last I checked. If you CAN carry a gun but technically cannot carry a knife (which is the case) the obvious sillyness is apparant even to cops.

Jim March