Jan 2, 1999
Hello all,

I am confused. I live in the suburbs of Baltimore, Maryland and had believed it was legal to carry a less than 4" blade exposed in Baltimore,Md. I called the police station and had been informed it was legal, and at a different time that it was illegal. At BWI airport (in the suburbs) I got checked for my Spyderco Military and was allowed to pass.
Does anyone know if it is legal to carry an exposed knife in Baltimore, Maryland?

And does anyone know if a "clipit" with the clip exposed is considered an exposed knife?

I believe you would need to get in touch with your states Attorney General to find out what the actually law may be. Police officers don't always seem to agree on what the law may be. Sometimes they may be right, sometimes they are just going on what another cop told them. You might also check the AKTI forum and see if anyone there knows.

You'll probably need to check with the State Attorney or the City Prosecutor to get the text of the law concerning this.

More than likely, you will find that the police are given quite a bit of latitude on how they enforce the law.

I have discovered that in Ohio, there is no law governing length, or carrying a knife concealed. You would think this would mean that you could carry a 6" fixed blade concealed with not much concern. Because there is no clear cut law on this, I have found some dept. will say that you are ccw, while another won't have any problem at all. Still a third dept. would say it depended on how they came to find the 6" blade conclealed on you.

Most of what I have heard from police in my area and some other states, say a knife clipped to your pocket is NOT concealed. You will still want to get this verified through the local prosecutor.

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The General statutes of the state I live in are on the internet. I'm pretty sure they are for the rest of them too. Do a search.
First off, forget about what the police say. As was previously stated by Blades, cops don't know what all the intricasies of the law are. I'm in NJ and recently found out that I'm allowed to carry a "switchblade", providing I have a "lawfull purpose" for carrying one. (I'm an EMT)
I still think that if I were to whip out a SOCOM on a call, the cops on scene would DEFINITELY give me a hard time about it.
Best you can do is to get in touch with your state attorney general's office and find out, SPECIFICALLY, what the law is regarding carrying of ANY kind of knife.
Here's a link to the State of Maryland's Website:
There may be a way to search the laws there.

In any event, you should realize that no matter what the law is, if you're carrying something that gets attention, you'll most likely be the target of inspection by the local Constable On Patrol.

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A clipit with an exposed clip is legal in Fla. just make sure your untucked shirt is not covering the clip because then it is concealed from public view and then may be considered a concealed weapon, or so I'm told.

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Ahh... misque... where did you hear that from..... I can walk around my local walmart with a Trailmaster...As I understand it, not even california has a law that silly....