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Aug 16, 2000
I am getting a 20" AK either tomorrow or thursday. I know it's a bruiser, but what should I expect? I'll probably make it a "user" as my other 2 I have are much too pretty, and I wouldn't think of "insulting" my Kothimoda by making her do "manual labor"!!
Isn't chopping bricks in half knife-abuse...
They aren't really made for this task, are they ?
I'd consider chopping bricks a case of asking too much of even an HI khukhuri. Still, knowing Bill, he'd probably honor the guarantee even in such a situation. But a wise man wouldn't depend on it...
Of course, if there was a cask of Amontillado on the other side of the bricks...

The sword cannot cut itself, the eye cannot see itself.
I wouldn't doubt it if Uncle Bill would still honor the gaurantee. I would hope he accompany it with a warning of no more returns for this much abuse. I really could never return this knife, I like it way too much and I have abused it pretty well. Where is Cliff Stamp? Uncle Bill is too good of a guy sometimes.
The knives will stand up to it, but I wouldn't recomend it unless you want to spend a few hours fixing the edge.
I can tell you from personal experience that the 20 inch AK is a great chopper. I use mine for splitting firewood. However, after a few minutes of serious chopping I find myself using both hands. However, as much as I like it, the 20" AK isn't nearly as versatile as the 18 incher for general-purpose work. Think of the 20 incher as a .44 magnum revolver, and the 18 incher as a .357. Each does its particualr job very well, but the big one demands far more from its user than the other, so after awhile ceases to be as much fun -- IMHO.
So, I guess what you guys are saying is:
It's pretty brawny.

I've got a bunch of Eastern Maple blocks that were mill ends from a furniture factory.
They are about 4 inches thick, a foot wide and 12-18 inches long. Sounds like perfect test material....
Mail lady didn't have it today. Probably tomorrow.

Oh well, too danged wet out today anyway!

Thanks again Uncle for my next 2 Khukuris.
Kumar Kobra and a Sirupati by Sher..

So Sher likes to make 'em heavy duty eh?

The wet weather is what's stopping me from testing the YCS on a mulberry tree that grows in our back easement.
We had no rain for over 50 days in Aug. & Sept. and now we are being inundated.
That could be partly a bunch of us ndn's doing as we had a four Pipe Pipe Ceremony praying for rain since we couldn't build a fire to heat rocks for the Sweatlodge.
Two weeks later it started raining
and Oct. had two inches more rain than normal.
I guess we should have been more expicit.

Two weeks ago we had 80° weather and snow, sleet and rain are forecast for tonight with winter storm advisories with temps around 30°.
That's Oklahoma!!
Kinda like NEPAL HO!!!


"I would rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy."

........unknown, to me anyway........

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It's raining in Atlanta too. I have some good dead wood to chop away on in my backyard. I was using my WWII about a week ago on it. I noticed that the horn handle sends a little more shock up the hand and wrist than the wood handle, but it's sooo purty.

I'm curious about the Chakma and Karda.
The Karda looks like a nice knife in it's own right. What are it's dimensions again?
Since I have a Yvsa Special on order, I'm bummed that I can't go back a few days to read about the specs and look at the pictures.
Its been raining here in Southern Illinois for the last several days as well.

Rd, I almost missed your question, but here 'tis.

There is no chakma so to speak.
Uncle Bill said a long time ago that if he could only take one khukuri that he would sharpen the chakma making it into another karda.
I took Uncle Bill's advice when designing the YCS and her tool's.

The short karda is 7 1/4" oal with a 3 7/8" blade 1" wide. The long one is 8 1/8" oal with a 5" blade that's almost 1 1/8" wide.
Both are of a dropped point design with recurved blades and small integral guards. Both can be used as the chakma since they are both well hardened, but I consider the short one better suited since I think the short chakmas give better control.
I made the handles so that my pinkie finger would close into my palm behind the handle making the knives more secure when making a penetrateing cut.
Both blades are nicely distal tapered.

The three cornered punch makes holes in cloth that resist the tearing that is common when cutting holes with a knife blade.

I absolutely know that I am very prejudiced in favor of the YCS and her tool's since it is my design taken from hopefully the best world's of the past and present.
I also know that it will not be the workhorse the AKs are and time will tell if I truly prefer the YCS over my other khukuri's, but Uncle Bill was so Very Correct when he said this one would probably become my favorite.
I am very impatiently waiting for the weather to clear so I can do some real world work with it.
That may take place today in spite of the mud and mess in the wild easement behind our house.


"I would rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy."

........unknown, to me anyway........

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